Walt Disney’s

(A list of L.A. locations related to Walt's life & death.)

 Where Walt Lived:

 L.A. Places Where He Hung Out:

 Special Events Where He Appeared:

 Disney Studios:

 Walt's Original Theme Park:

 Where Walt Disney Died:

 Where Walt was Buried:

 Where Walt's brother Roy was Buried:

 Where the Voice of Jiminy Cricket was Buried:

 Where Walt's friends Jack Wrather & Bonita Granville are buried:
 (Wrather owned the Disneyland Hotel & the Queen Mary; the hotel's Granville's
          restaurant is named after his wife, actress Bonita Granville)

 Where Walt Disney Has Been Immortalized:

 Where You Can See Herbie, Disney's Original "Love Bug":

 Where You Meet the voice of Disney's Cinderella:

 Disney-related Photos (from L.A./Orange County):

 The Historic Movie Palace Restored by the Disney Company:

 Where You Can See the Original Version of one notable replica at
      the Disney/MGM Studios theme park (at Walt Disney World):

 Where You Can Rent Costumes from some Disney Movies:

 The first Disney Gallery:

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