Hollywood Homicide Filming Locations - part 2

VENICEHarrison Ford and Josh Harnett go to Venice, California to find a witness to the murders, 'K-Ro' (born Oliver Robidoux), played by rapper 'Kurupt'.

We see the two of them walking across a foot bridge over the Venice canals. In this case, it is the bridge which spans the Eastern Canal, at Carroll Canal Ct. (northwest of Linnie Avenue), in the Venice canals area. The two are walking west/southwest.

They locate his mother's home, a small white house next to one of the Venice canals.

That house is located at 438 Carroll Canal. It is on the north/northwest side of Carroll Canal Court, between Dell Ave and Eastern Canal.

Harrison interviews the mother, Olivia Robidoux (played by singer Gladys Knight. ), while Josh checks out the back of the house.

When 'K-Ro' / Oliver makes a break for it, a foot race ensues along the Venice canals, with Josh chasing him. K-Ro jumps into the water and eventually Josh pulls a gun on him. During this confrontation, Josh is standing on a small wooden dock with Japanese-like posts.

I found it. That turns out to be on the west side of Grand Canal, just past Carroll Canal (you're looking west in the above photo). That's on the opposite side of the canal neighborhood from the foot bridge seen in the photo at the top. (The same Cobra Tandem boat was docked there when I visited in late 2003.)

By the way, you can't drive your car much in this area, only Dell Avenue permits cars (and it's a one-way north street). The rest of these charming side streets and canals are pedestrian-only. So you'll have to park and stroll the sidewalks and bridges if you want to sightsee.

Here is a map of the film's
 various Venice locations 

(courtesy of Chas Demster)

Our duo and 'K-Ro' are next seen driving over the Vincent Thomas Bridge (even though that bridge is actually a good 25 miles southeast of Venice *), heading east from San Pedro to Terminal Island, cruising past the Terminal Island/L.A. Harbor area. (You're looking south in the photo of the bridge to the left.)

Harrison says "Let's take this sucker to the Harbor Division Substation". Now ironically, there really is a harbor police station not far away (at 2175 John S Gibson Blvd), but he's trying to scare 'K-Ro' into thinking they're going to get rough with him.

So they drive out to some deserted, industrial part of the island. They drive past "SouthWest Marine" (located at Berth 240, near the southwestern part of Terminal Island, along Seaside Avenue), an area which has been used many times in various movies over the years, due to it's authentic, rough, nautical look.

(They recently shot "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" in this same spot - the scene where Lucy Liu wields a flame thrower.) 

Once they get there, a gunfight breaks out when a car drives past and opens fire on them.

(During World War II, the area used to be owned by Bethlehem Steel, and was then known as The Bethlehem Shipyard, turning out the fighting ships that helped win the war.) 

[* "THE MAGIC BRIDGE": There are three different movies, all made in the last few years, where people are shown leaving one location, far from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and then "magically" appearing at the bridge mere seconds later. One example is "Hollywood Homicide", another is "The Fast & the Furious", and the last is the original "Charlie's Angels film, where a race car leaves Fontana and seconds later arrives at the Vincent Thomas bridge - a good 40 miles away.]

Harrison and Josh are taken in for questioning to police headquarters, where they frustrate their interrogators by refusing to cooperate (Josh assumes yoga positions).

As they leave the station, we see them exiting Parker Center, a well-known Los Angeles police building, located at 150 N. Los Angeles Street, in downtown L.A..

Harrison meets with Cleo, the madam again (Lolita Davidovich), near Malibu, where she tells him she has struck a deal with the cops to give evidence against him. Then we see Harrison & Josh driving past the beach.

They are actually heading south on Pacific Coast Highway, past the California Incline, below Palisades Park (the green and white park seen to the left), and just north of the Santa Monica Pier).

Harrison's psychic girlfriend, 'Ruby' (Lena Olin) takes them on what seems like a wild goose chase to Beverly Hills.

They turn north off Wilshire Blvd onto Rodeo Drive, then she makes them stop at a valet parking station at Two Rodeo. These scenes were shot on the real Rodeo Drive, at the real Two Rodeo center.

However, the actual valet parking for Two Rodeo is located underground, not at the street-level entrance. So that valet station was fake. But the Two Rodeo center is very real.

She goes into a stylish store and looks at clothes. This is actually the Gianfranco Ferre store, at 270 North Rodeo Drive.

Just then, Sartain pulls up in a black SUV, right across the street (the west side of Rodeo Drive, near Wilshire Blvd).

A chase scene follows through a mix of various residential and commercial streets in Beverly Hills. In the scene above, we see them fly past the landmark "Pink Palace", the Beverly Hills Hotel, at 9641 Sunset Blvd, as they make a speeding right turn onto eastbound Sunset Boulevard, and race east down Sunset into Hollywood.

On Sunset Blvd, they pass various Sunset landmarks, including Guitar Center, at 7425 Sunset Blvd., and KTLA studios, at 5800 Sunset.

Then there's a big crash, where a police car flips over and ends up on its roof. That scene was shot in the 5900 block of Sunset Boulevard, a good five and a half miles east of Beverly Hills.

The car is trying to negotiate a left turn off Sunset, and has just passed the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant at 5939 Sunset Blvd., so they appear to be trying to turn south off Sunset onto Tamarind Ave or Gordon Street.

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