This fencing scene, glimpsed during the opening credits, was filmed at The Huntington
(Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens), which is located at
1151 Oxford Road in San Marino, just south of Pasadena, CA.
The building behind the duelers is the family mausoleum, featuring the crypt of
Henry Huntington himself, the man who gave L.A. it's famous old "Red Cars",
and after whom the city of Huntington Beach is named.

"Is it the Chad?" This tugboat scene (with Drew Barrymore and Tom Green) was shot
down at the
L.A. Harbor in San Pedro, not far from the Cabrillo Marina.

This disco fantasy dream of Cameron Diaz was shot in downtown Los Angeles.
on Broadway's old theatre row, at the historic
Los Angeles Theatre (at 615 S. Broadway),
a wonderfully ornate old movie palace used in many films.


Here, we see Cameron Diaz again (after she has awakened from her dream) shaking her bottom in
her Spider-Man underoos, and driving the poor delivery man crazy. The house she is seen at is actually
located in
Venice, California, along one of that city's many picturesque canals.
The address is
410 Carroll Canal Court.

(Remember, this is a private home, so don't trespass or disturb the residents!)

In the movie, this is "Madame Wong's House of Blossoms", where Lucy Liu
gives a standing massage to Tim Curry. In reality we are back at
The Huntington,
a grand estate in
San Marino, CA, which is open to the public. This is their
Japanese Garden. The Huntington also features a rose garden, a cactus garden,
one of the greatest private libraries on earth, and art galleries containing
(among other items) the paintings "Blue Boy" and "Pinky".

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