As the car chase continues towards Hollywood Boulevard, we then see an aerial view, looking northeast through the sign on the roof of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, looking down at Grauman's Chinese Theatre - where a crowd has gathered to watch a celebrity get his prints in wet cement. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is located at 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

Both the Roosevelt Hotel and Grauman's are the real thing. They shut down Hollywood Boulevard for days while shooting these chase scenes.

Harrison Ford changes seats with Josh so he can drive, then abruptly smashes into Sartain's black SUV. This disables the good guys' silver Mustang.

This crash scene was staged at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. &  Orange Drive, in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (the building with the red double-decker bus parked in front of it in the movie) and a few steps away from Grauman's.

In this crash scene, Harrison & Josh are driving north on Orange Drive, and the bad guys heading east on Hollywood Blvd.)

In the top-right photo above, you are looking southwest, towards the Roosevelt Hotel.

In the photo to the left, you are looking northwest. (Note the red bus, still parked on Hollywood Blvd in front of the hotel.)

Actor Robert Wagner is then seen about to get his hand and footprints immortalized in wet cement. This was shot in the actual courtyard of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd.

The man next to him is Johnny Grant, the honorary Mayor of Hollywood, who presides over most Hollywood award ceremonies. (And no, RJ doesn't really have his prints in cement at Grauman's.)

At this point, the helicopter reporter makes a mistake, saying " Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where apparently someone was getting their star..." People don't receive stars at Grauman's. (That's the nearby Hollywood Walk of Fame.) At Grauman's they get footprints & handprints...

A gunfight then breaks out on at that same corner (of Hollywood Blvd and Orange Drive), located between Grauman's and the Roosevelt.

A foot chase begins, as Harrison chases the bad guys east down Hollywood Boulevard, right through the famous courtyard at Grauman's Chinese (ruining RJ's wet footprints in cement along the way).

They then turn north and run up the long steps leading up to the main Babylon Court of the new Hollywood & Highland center, located at the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd & Highland Ave.

(The Hollywood & Highland center is the location of the Kodak Theatre, the new permanent home of the annual Academy Awards show. You'll see the stars walk the red carpet here each year to pick up their Oscars.)

Up on the second level of the shopping center, Josh spots his man in the court below and (while standing atop the actual Victoria's Secret store at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, in the Hollywood & Highland center), takes off his coat and jumps down, landing on top of one of the many colorful kiosks in the court, shattering it (and hurting himself).

The foot chase continues through the center's Babylon Court (which was built to resemble the major set from the classic D.W. Griffith 1916 film, "Intolerance".). Josh chases the crook out the center's west entrance, back on Orange Drive, where the crook hijacks a car and takes off.

Meanwhile, Harrison Ford has chased Sartain (Isaiah Washington) down the steps and escalators leading down into the new underground subway station, located right under the Hollywood & Highland center, at 6815 Hollywood Blvd. Harrison slides down one of the banisters, but loses Sartain when he gets on the moving train.

(The next two actual stops for this train are Vine Street, if the train is heading east, or Universal Studios, if the train is heading north. In this case, Sartain is escaping to the east...)

(This same subway station is also featured in the 2003 caper film "The Italian Job", where the thieves drive their mini-cars right down the steps into the subway.)

So Harrison sets off after Sartain on foot, knowing that the next subway stop is Vine Street, about a mile to the east.

After failing to commandeer a car, he gets so desperate that he steals a bicycle from a small girl (flowered basket and all), and goes speeding down the south side of Hollywood Boulevard, heading east, towards Vine Street (the next subway stop).

During this scene, you can see the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on the sidewalk where he's riding, and he rolls right past the Guinness World of Records Museum , located at 6764 Hollywood Blvd. (The same museum is also featured in the 2003 movie, "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle").

Eventually, after commandeering a taxi, Harrison reaches the second subway station, at 6250 Hollywood Blvd, near the southeast corner of the famous intersection of Hollywood & Vine.

(This station has a whimsical looking parking lot above it, complete with a small model of the old hat-shaped Brown Derby restaurant. Down below in the station, you'll see faux palm trees, actual movie projectors (donated by Paramount Studios) and a wall covered with projector reels.)

Harrison runs down the escalator into the underground station, where he confronts Sartain on board a subway train. A shoot-out erupts and the foot chase takes them back up onto Hollywood Blvd.

As Sartain emerges from the escalator up back onto Hollywood Boulevard, he runs past the Pantages Theatre, located at 6233 Hollywood Blvd, just a few steps east of the northeast corner of Hollywood & Vine.

Ages ago, the Pantages used to host the Academy Awards show from time to time. Now it is a legitimate Broadway-style (live) theatre. At the time this movie was shot, the theatre was playing host to either Disney's "The Lion King" or Mel Brooks' "The Producers". But the theatre's real marquee was covered up with a red banner advertising the Moscow Philharmonic.

Next, we see Harrison Ford chase Sartain up through the halls and elevators of an office building, and they wind up on the roof of the old Broadway Building, site of the former Broadway-Hollywood department store.

Built in 1927, it was the first major department store in Hollywood, located at 1645 North Vine Street, at the southwest corner of Hollywood & Vine.

After the action has ended, and Sartain has plummeted off the top of the Broadway Building into a trash dumpster, we see Harrison and Josh in an alley looking at the dumpster. At the end of the alley, you can see the Bernard Luggage shop across the street from the alley. Bernard's is located at 1642 Vine Street.


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