At the start of this 2003 movie, Harrison Ford and Josh Harnett are called in to investigate a shooting at a place called "The Freeway Club". .

The rounded exterior we see was located at the northwest corner of Hollywood & Vine, at 1707 Vine Street.

That corner building housed two actual clubs in its final years: first a place called "Deep", and later a club called "Basque". But the building burned to the ground in April 2008, and as of 2010 all you'll find at that corner is an empty lot..

(In fact the corner of Hollywood & Vine has undergone a number of changes since the movie was filmed, including the construction of a major new hotel, the W Hollywood.)

After the robbery, we see Harrison Ford talking on a cell phone in front of a house. A cop, he dabbles in real estate on the side, and he's talking to a potential buyer. He's angry that the buyer isn't going to show up after he spent hours waiting to show him the house. After that call, he gets a call about the robbery, and takes off.

This house is located in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood known as Mount Olympus, where the streets are named after Greek gods.  This house is located at 2300 Hercules Drive. (Or, as Harrison says later in the movie: "at the corner of Hercules and, I sh*t you not, Achilles.")

This same house is again seen later in the movie.  It's where Harrison & Lolita make love, and where the cops show up in the morning to take him in for questioning.

[ Warning: This is a private home. Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

(Thanks to Tony Hoffath for this one.)

When Josh is telling Harrison that he wants to be an actor "because it's my bliss... and I have to follow my bliss", they are getting into a car parked in a lot behind Musso & Frank Grill, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood (founded in 1919).

The address is 6667 Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood.  

We see the bad guys out at a warehouse, after dark. The thugs who shot up the club are there to collect their money from the guy who hired them. Instead, he shoots both of them, then sets their car on fire (with their dead bodies in it).

This was shot at one of the buildings in the "SouthWest Marine" complex, located at Berth 240, in the southwestern part of Terminal Island, at 985 S. Seaside Avenue. (This is the same seaside industrial area where they later filmed the scene of the good guys being shot at while trying to scare 'K-Ro'). 

(Thanks to Tony Hoffath for this one.)

After Josh wakes up in bed with a pretty blonde (and surprises her by yelling "Stella!" just outside their room), we see him pull into the parking lot of a police station.

That is the very real L.A.P.D. Hollywood station, at 1358 N. Wilcox Ave. That's three blocks south of Hollywood Blvd, between Highland and Vine.

The very same police parking lot is used later for the scene where Josh tells Harrison about his father being killed in the line of duty. And it's also the setting for the scene where a handcuffed criminal (being brought in by the police) grabs a cop's gun and shoots up the parking lot, before he's tackled by Josh (who has miscounted the number of bullets left in the gun).

Harrison & Josh then go to "Sartain Records" to interview the company owner (Isaiah Washington). This building is supposed to be located at Hollywood & Vine, but it's not really. Those shots, taken in the elliptical-shaped glass lobby, and the scenes outside on the street, where Josh shoots at men stealing (repossessing) Harrison Ford's car - were actually filmed several blocks southwest of that famous corner, at the "6565 Sunset Building", located at 6565 Sunset Blvd, two blocks south of Hollywood Blvd, and five blocks west of Vine. (The 2002 AFI Fest was held at this building...).

Harrison meets a friendly madam ("Cleo", played by Lolita Davidovich) at a red patio cafe. He's there to get info about one of her girls who worked at Sartain Records and who learned about the killings. On the phone, he says it's at "Gower & Franklin". Close, but no cigar. It IS on Franklin, but it's a few blocks east of Gower, closer to Bronson & Franklin.

The scene was shot at "Birds Café" at 5925 Franklin Ave., in east Hollywood, about a mile northeast of Hollywood & Vine.)

Harrison then takes a meeting at a beautiful seaside restaurant where he
tries to finalize the sale of Martin Landau's ("Mr. Duran", the producer) home
to Master P ("Julius" ). But Harrison blows it, and Landau ends up storming off.
That restaurant is actually Geoffrey's, located at 27400 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.
(The same restaurant was also seen in the movie "The Player", with Tim Robbins.)  

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