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Harrison's Walk

This is a very simple scene that I'm including only to be thorough.

It's a brief scene, lasting only 14 seconds, of Harrison walking away from home, along the river.

It takes place in Episode 5 of Season 9, "Runaway", at about 35 minutes in.  It's after Dexter has picked up Harrison at the hospital (following his overdose at the party), and Harrison decides to leave home.

(We earlier saw him leave Dexter's cabin, and following this scene, we will see him meet up with Kurt Caldwell at his diner, when Kurt convinces him to stay and take a job at his truck stop.)

As I understand it, this was originally going to be a longer scene, which included Harrison stopping to talk with Audrey, but it was trimmed to the current short length

This walking scene was filmed in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, the same small town where many of the Iron Lake locations can be found, such as Fred's Fish & Game, The Iron Lake Tavern, and the Iron Lake Police Department.

In the real world, Jack Alcott (Harrison) is walking along Conway Street, in Shelburne Falls,  a street which runs alongside the winding Deerfield River.

He is walking north, along the east side of Conway Street, and is approaching the intersection with Clement Street (which is where you'll find the Market containing Gig's butcher shop).

The white building seen in the upper-right corner (near the start of the clip), above the road, is the Blue Rock restaurant, at 1 Ashfield Street, in Shelburne Falls.

The stop sign seen in the upper-left corner is at the intersection of Conway Street & Clement Street.

    Here is a matching Google StreetView, looking south/southeast. up Conway St.,
     from near the intersection with Clement Street:

While I was watching the scene, I was surprised to see, in the background, the smokestack of that incinerator where Dexter burned Matt's body, and discovered the location of that incinerator. You can read about it here.

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