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Dexter's Cabin

Q. What is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. A log cabin.

Q. Where is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. In  the woods outside of the small town of Iron Lake, in upstate New York.

Q. When did we see it on the show?

    A. In Episode 1, of Season 9, "Cold Snap".and most other episodes.

    This is where Dexter lives in this new season, "New Blood", so you can expect to see a lot of the place.

    We see it almost immediately at the start of the first season, with Dexter doing chores around the property, which is located in a snowy forest next to a frozen lake.

    It's a fairly simple, rustic place, with a fireplace and a stove inside.

There is a rectangular, stone fire-pit outside the front of the cabin, and a small icehouse out on the frozen lake, next to a hole cut in the ice for ice fishing.
There is also a small greenhouse or garden shed near the house (which Dexter uses as a kill-room when he murders Matt Caldwell). and a farm animal pen on the other side..

It's here that Dexter starts out,  sharing his new life with the imaginary Debra, And it's here where he brings his son Harrison back home, after convincing him to come back from the bus station.

And ironically, this cabin  serves as home base in the police search for the missing Matt Caldwell, with the police not suspecting that Dexter buried the man's body right beneath that aforementioned fire-pit.

We see the cabin  many times over the course of the series, the final time in Episode 9, when it is on fire, burning to the ground after having been torched by Kurt Caldwell.

Q. What is it actually in real life?

    A. An actual log cabin, which was built especially for the production, but was torn down at the end of filming.

Q. Where can I find it in real life?

A.  Dexter's cabin was built on the western banks of Lake Wampanoag, just north of a place named Camp Collier, in Gardner, Massachusetts (although the area sometimes maps as Ashburnham, MA).

Despite the fact that the cabin is supposed to be near downtown Iron Lake, the actual location in Gardner is 50 miles east of Shelburne Falls, Mass., where they filmed  those Iron Lake scenes.
Gardner is located in upper mid-Massachusetts, in the County of Worcester, and
just eight miles from the northern border with the state of New Hampshire. The town is about 50 miles northwest of Boston, and about 50 miles northeast of Springfield, Mass.

Lake Wampanoag is a beautiful 228-acre lake, bisected by the border of Gardner and Ashburnham (with Gardner claiming the south half and .Ashburnham the north half).

Camp Collier is a wooded natural area, dotted with bluish green log cabins,,comprising 585 acres. The Camp appears to have been built as a Boy Scout camp called the David. R. Collier Scout Reservation. But while it is still owned by a Boy Scouts trust, it appears to be mostly inactive today.

But the area is open to the public.

The site of Dexter's cabin lies about a quarter of a mile North of Camp Collier, off the gravel Camp Collier Road.

As of November 2021, all that remains now are a few traces that let you know that the cabin had been there, including that iconic rectangular stone fire-pit (where Dexter buried Matt's remains, and that always seemed to be burning, on the show) just outside Dexter's  cabin.

If you've watched the show, you know the cabin overlooked a frozen lake, where Dexter occasionally ice-fished. That was Lake Wampanoag, which, while frozen in the winter, is a beautiful blue lake in the warmer months.

They also filmed the scene of Dexter running through the woods, in pursuit of that white deer, in the same general area. (although the shots featuring the CGI deer were filmed in another location).

[ While the exteriors of the cabin and the surrounding features were filmed at this location, the interiors of the Dexter's cabin were mostly shot 25 miles away, on a set built in a soundstage at New England Studios, in Devens, Massachusetts.  There was one exception: the first conversation In the cabinbetween Harrison & Dexte was reportedly shot inside actual cabin, because the studio set wasn't ready yet. ]

There is no Google StreetView available in the area, And I live out in California. But fortunately my friend Ron B., who lives near Boston, traveled to the area, tracked down the cabin site, and shot the great photos you see below. ( Thanks Ron! )

I've tried to match the photos with screencaps from the show to give a good idea of what the cabin site looks like as of November 2021.

Bear in mind that the cabin was torn down once filming was over, so you won't see it in the photos below. But what you will see is the only  remaining remnant from that New Blood set, which is the fire-pit that was always burning outside of Dexter's cabin. You'll see that same fire-pit in three of Ron's photos below, so you can use it to appraise the relative position of the cabin and other features of the former set:

Ron's photo below shows the view Dexter would see looking out from his porch,
towards the fire-pit and the lake beyond  (the camera is looking east):

Ron's photo below shows a similar view to the screencap above,
looking west from the fire-pit towards Dexter's cabin:

Ron's photo below is looking east/southeast from the animal pen (above)
to the parking area where you can see Dexter's truck (above):

Ron's photo below shows the view Dexter would have looking out (northeast) at the
ice house on the frozen lake, except that the lake is no longer frozen:

Ron's photo below shows the right (north) side of the house where the garden shed was:
(Note the white circles on one tall tree, which can be seen at the far right of the screen shot above.)

Ron's photo below shows the view looking east from the fire-pit to the lake:

The location of the cabin is about 680 feet east of  the northern end of Camp Collier Road., At the end of a small peninsula of land that juts out into the lake near the lake's narrowest point.

( Other scenes, of Harrison, Audrey and her teen friends breaking into a cabin at "Roaring Forks summer camp", were filmed half a mile south of Dexter's cabin, at the actual cabins at Camp Collier. )

The entrance to the camp lies at the intersection of Kelton Road and Camp Collier Road, and the latter road leads through the camIfp and up to the site where Dexter's cabin was built.

But remember that Dexter's cabin was built especially for this production, and it was taken down once filming was finished.

Unfortunately, Google StreetView isn't available In that area, so I can't offer one of the camp or the cabin site, But you'll find a map below.

The exact GPS coordinates of the cabin's location are:

4237'25.85712000000072"N   7157'42.040080000005986"W

The exact GPS coordinates were obtained from a photo (below) shot by Ron B. While standing on the spot where the cabin's front porch Had been:

As for directions: when you are looking from the fire-pit to where the cabin, you are looking West.

If you were standing In front of the cabin and looking out at the fre-pit and frozen lake, you would be looking East.

And according to Ron, if you're looking from the cabin out towards the ice house on the lake, that is Northeast.

Here is a map of the cabin's exact location at  Lake Wampanoag:

Q. How the heck did you figure out where it was?

    A.  The news that Dexter was filming at Camp Collier was reported by both The Gardner News and The Telegram & Gazette. And then, as I mentioned before Ron B. traveled up to Camp Collier (after the first two episodes had aired,) to get photos confirming the site.  And he returned later to get the exact GPS coordinates of the cabin.   ( Thanks Ron ! )

 The World's Most Comprehensive Guide To Locations Where Dexter Was Shot.


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