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Roaring Forks Summer Camp

Q. What is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. A summer camp, comprised of a number of bluish-green log cabins.

Q. Where is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. In  the woods outside of the small town of Iron Lake, in upstate New York, apparently within walking distance of Dexter's cabin.

Q. When did we see it on the show?

    A. In Episode 2, of Season 9, "Storm of F*ck".

    While the townspeople Iron Lake are busy searching for the missing Matt Caldwell, Audrey (Angela's daughter) and her teenage friends take Harrison to the cabins of Roaring Forks summer camp.

    As they arrive, a helicopter from the search party flies overhead, and the kids hide against the cabins to avoid being seen.


Then they attempt to break into one of the locked cabins, and when their crude efforts are less than successful, Harrison easily breaks the lock to let them in.

This impresses  Audrey, who seems enjoy the idea that her mother won't like Harrison.

Inside the cabin, the teenagers light up a joint (except for Harrison, who passes), and one of the teens begins to ask awkward questions about what happened to Harrison's late mother.

To avoid talking about it, Harrison goes outside, And while he is gone, the teens rummage through his backpack, and discover a number of sketches he has done in a notepad. Returning to the cabin, Harrison spots them invading his privacy, but deliberately makes noise to let them know he is returning, and the kids scramble to avoid being caught.

Later, when they return to Dexter's cabin, they are found out by Angela, because one of the boys is wearing a Roaring Forks t-shirt that he stole from the cabin.

In Episode 8, Dexter winds up here again after being chased through the woods by Elrick, Kurt Caldwell's henchmen, Who at was hunting him with a rifle. Dexter hides in a large cabin, and when the guy follows him in, he surprises him by bursting through a mirror, and then kills him with a knife.

Here is a sceencap of Dexter arriving at the cabin:

And here is a matching photo shot by Ron B.:

Here's a screencap of Dexter standing next to the cabin:

And here's a matching photo from Ron B.:

( The cabin shows up once more in the Episode 9, when Dexter returns there to dispose of Elrick's body.)

Q. What is it actually in real life?

Q. Where can I find it in real life?

A.  These cabins are at Camp Collier, on the banks of Lake Wampanoag, in Gardner, Massachusetts.

Camp Collier is a wooded natural area, dotted with bluish-green log cabins, comprising 585 acres.

The Camp appears to have been built as a Boy Scout camp called the David. R. Collier Scout Reservation. But while it is still owned by a Boy Scouts trust, it appears to be mostly inactive today.

But the area is open to the public.
It is about a quarter of a mile south of the former site of Dexter's cabin.

Despite the fact that it is supposed to be near downtown Iron Lake, the actual location in Gardner is 50 miles east of Shelburne Falls, Mass., where they filmed  those Iron Lake scenes.

Gardner is located in upper mid-Massachusetts, in the County of Worcester, and
just eight miles from the northern border with the state of New Hampshire. The town is about 50 miles northwest of Boston, and about 50 miles northeast of Springfield, Mass.

Lake Wampanoag is a beautiful 228-acre lake, bisected by the border between Gardner and Ashburnham (with Gardner claiming the south half and .Ashburnham the north half).
There is no Google StreetView available in the area, and I live out in California. But fortunately my friend Ron B., who lives near Boston, traveled to the area, tracked down this site, and shot the photos you see below. ( Thanks Ron! )

I've tried to match the photos with screencaps from the show to give a good idea of what the Camp site looks like as of November 2021.

Ron's matching photo below shows the cabins that Harrison, Audrey, and her friends
 were hiding against to avoid being seen by the helicopter:

Ron's two photos below show the cabin that the teens broke into:

Ron's photo below shows the end of the smaller cabin
against which Harrison & Audrey were hiding:

At first, I assumed that only the exteriors of the cabins were used in the filming, and that the interior shots (once the kids break into the cabin) were probably shot on a soundstage at the studio.

But Ron returned to the area, and was able to enter the main cabin (where the kids were), and we were surprised to find that the interior perfectly matched what we saw in the episode, right down to the couch that Audrey was sitting on. it's still there, and, as you can see in Ron's photos below, looks exactly like it did on TV.

And other details such as the windows, doors, ceiling, and beams match as well.

So, we can safely assume that they filmed the interior scenes inside these actual cabins at Camp Collier.

The cabin that Dexter reaches, when he's being hunted by Kurt's henchman, is larger, and is located about  550 feet south of the other two cabins ( at 4237'4.2"N 7157'51.5"W )  According to the old map, it was apparently the camp's dining hall.

The entrance to the Camp lies at the intersection of Kelton Road & Camp Collier Road, and the latter road leads through the camp.

Unfortunately, Google StreetView isn't available In that area, but you'll find a map below.

Here is a map of the Camp Collier cabins location at Lake Wampanoag:

Click on thr small map below to see a large, old
Boy Scout trail map (PDF) of Camp Collier:

Q. How the heck did you figure out where it was?

    A.  The news that Dexter was filming at Camp Collier was reported by both The Gardner News and The Telegram & Gazette. And Googling for images of the Camp quickly turned up photos of those bluish-green log cabins, So it was easy to recognize them when they showed up in the second episode.

    And then, as I mentioned before, Ron B. traveled up to Camp Collier (after the first two episodes had aired) to get photos confirming the sites, and returned after Episode 8 to get the photos of the new cabin. ( Thanks Ron ! )

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