In Time: Filming Locations - part 5



In Time - Filming Locations
Part 5

Actual filming locations for the 2011 sci-fi film, "In Time".

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1:16:50: Fugitives Will &
Sylvia check into a "No Tell Hotel" to spend the night. They play a game
of strip poker, and are just starting to get intimate when the cops ("Timekeepers") show up.


This is actually the Wilmington Hotel, located at 111 E. C Street, in Wilmington, CA.

That's just south of Avalon Blvd, down by the harbor, a good 25 miles south of downtown L.A.,
(which is probably the most distant location in this movie - most of which was shot in downtown).

In the screencap above, the camera is looking northwest, across C Street.

They added the fake (red) vertical No-Tell sign to the left side of the building, and covered up a
horizontal sign reading "Color TV" with the sign reading "Rooms - 5 Hours Per Night".

( Despite the name, this is really a motel, not a hotel, located in a low-income area.
Trust me, it's not the sort of place you'd want to stay, if you had any other choice...)


When the cops arrive, Will smashes a window, and he & Sylvia jump out of the
second-story window, down onto the top of a parked car, and make their escape.

That jumping scene was shot on the west side of the Wilmington Hotel.

They escape out the west side window, then run southwest across C Street,
then run around the corner and south down the east side of Avalon Blvd.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking northeast, from C Street.

1:18:29: And so begins a long foot chase scene, covering a lot of territory.

Chased by the TimeKeeper, Will & Sylvia flee. They run past a factory where work is just
letting out, and attempt to lose their pursuer among the crowd of exiting workers.

The "factory" building, seen in the screencap above, is actually a shipping company
(Atlantic Express) located at 333 N. Marine Ave, in Wilmington.

It is indeed close to the No-Tell Motel location.  However, they ran south down Avalon
after leaving the motel, and this place is two blocks west/northwest of the motel.
(They would have actually just ran west on C Street.)

In the screencap above, we are seeing the west side of the building,
The camera is looking north up Marine Ave, from C Street.


Next, they climb up to a rooftop and run along the sloping roof, with the Timekeeper shooting at them.

This part of the chase takes us back downtown.  Remember that alley west of Anderson Street,
where they filmed the scene of the gangsters shooting a guy in the back?  Well, the roof they are
running across is atop a long, one-story brick building on the west side of that same alley.

The address appears to be 1600 E. 6th Street, in downtown. In the screencap above, they are
running south/southeast across the roof, near the center of the long building.

The rooftop runs parallel to (the back of) the buildings on Anderson Street.

Turns out that the building seen behind them (with the bricked-up windows) is actually the back of
Will's original hotel (at 611 Anderson) - and that Philip Senegram sign (on the right) is at 621 Anderson.

The large metal fan/vent on the rooftop can be clearly seen in the aerial photos.


As they are climbing down from the rooftop, we see the shot below:

That is the rear (west) side of a business at 625 Anderson Street.

Will & Sylvia climb down at the southeast corner of the rooftop building (1600 E. 6th Street),
and wind up next to (north of) the 6th Street Bridge, running north up that same alley
where they filmed the scene of the gangster shooting the guy in the back.


1:19:47: The foot chase ends when Will & Sylvia manage to get aboard a bus,
bribe the bus driver, and leave the Timekeeper standing behind.

This bus scene was shot at an actual bus stop in downtown L.A., at the
northwest corner of Central Avenue & E. 8th Street (around 791 S. Central Avenue)
across from (west of) the old L.A. Produce Mart (that very long building you see behind them).

In the screencap above, the bus is parked on the west side of Central,
and the camera is looking northwest up Central.

  The Timekeeper is running south down Central, and then cuts across it, from the
east side to the west side, just before the bus pulls away, leaving him behind.


1:20:21: Having escaped the Timekeeper, they check into a decent hotel, "The Century", paying
off the hotel clerk to keep their secret.  Unfortunately, one witness sees them check in...

It's at this hotel where the gangsters ("Minutemen") break in them, and Will "fights" the leader...

This lobby scene was shot at the King Edward Hotel, at 121 E. 5th Street, Los Angeles.

It's a 100+year-old hotel that used to have a major bootlegging operation in the basement
of its bar, King Eddy's. In real life, the place is more or less a Skid Row hotel. But in
2012, it was purchased by an investor who plans to fix it up.  (Good luck.)


The latter scene (1:27:20), of the four dead bodies lying on the street, was shot right outside
this same hotel, on the sidewalk just east of the entrance.  (The camera is looking north/northwest.)

Click on any of the photos on these pages to see
matching Google StreetView panoramas

1:21:12: Looking for Will & Sylvia, the gangsters ("Minuteman") surprise a group of people
on the street, line them up against a chain-link fence at gunpoint, and threaten to kill
them if no one tells them where to find the popular fugitives.

When no one talks, the leader kills one young man by draining his time clock.
After that, the witness who saw Will check-in at the Century hotel speaks up.

This scene was shot on E. 6th Street, just west of Anderson - between Anderson & Clarence Streets.

It's just east of 1600 6th Street (the same building where they shot the rooftop chase).

The chain link fence he lines them up against blocks the alley running behind
the buildings on the west side of the 600 block of Anderson Street.

It's the north end of the same alley where they shot the earlier scene of these same
gangsters shooting the guy in the back (
basically behind 601 Anderson Street).

The camera is looking south when you see the chain-link fence (as in the screencap above).
When you see the wrought-iron fence, you are looking north.


1:28:21: We see Will & Sylvia running across a rooftop, to the edge, where they look down and
see a grocery storefront with digital signs displaying the current prices of goods.

As they watch,
the prices quickly increase.  Will realizes that what they are doing (stealing from the
rich and giving to the poor) is futile, because all the authorities have to do is raise the prices
in the ghetto to take away whatever gains the poor make from Will's efforts.

In real life, they are running across the roof of the Baltimore Hotel, another low-rent hotel
near Skid Row.  The Baltimore is located right across the street (south of) their King Edward Hotel,
at 501 S. Los Angeles Street, in downtown L.A.   (Here's a StreetView of the Baltimore)

(The same investor who recently bought the King Edward also bought the Baltimore.)

In the screencap above, Will is standing on the west side of the Baltimore Hotel's roof, looking out
at the twin Rosslyn Hotel buildings (which are just northwest of the Baltimore Hotel, at 5th & Main).


In the screencap below, when they look down at the digital price boards, they are
standing on the north side of the Baltimore Hotel's roof, looking down at the
same King Edward Hotel that they just left.

The producers faked that grocery storefront (and its digital signs), by covering
up the front of the King Edward Hotel (on 5th Street) with fake signs.  It is more or less
the same sidewalk area where the dead bodies were lying in the previous scene.


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