In Time: Filming Locations - part 4



In Time - Filming Locations
Part 4

Actual filming locations for the 2011 sci-fi film, "In Time".

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0:51:38: Literally on the run, on foot, after the car crash, Will & Sylvia have only minutes
left to live, before their clocks run out. So they head to the home of Will's friend, Borel.

Unfortunately, when they get to Borel's apartment, his wife tells them that Borel drank
himself to death, thanks to the decade of time that Will gave him.

We are back at the same apartment house we saw before, at 4513 E. 52nd Place, in Maywood, CA.

In the screenshot above, they are running west/southwest across E. 52nd Drive.


0:52:54: Will sees that Sylvia is wearing diamond earrings, and realizes they can pawn them to stay alive.

In the screencap below, we see them running to the pawn shop.

In real life, they are running west down an alley that runs behind the apartment buildings
at 5247 Knowlton Street, in southwest Los Angeles (between Inglewood & Culver City).
The doors you see on the right are the garages of those apartments.

The chain-link fence on to the left separates that alley from a large parking lot
which serves the businesses along S. La Tijera Blvd and Centinela Avenue.

They manage to reach the pawn shop with mere seconds to spare, and pawn the diamonds
at the last second - but the gun-wielding pawnbrokers take advantage of their desperate
situation and give them only two days for the diamonds.

In real life, this is the rear entrance to the Superior Carpet store, at 6840 La Tijera Blvd,
which you'll find at the end of that alley mentioned above - in what seems to be a low-income area.

(That would have been a very long run - it's a good 20 miles away from Borel's apartment.)

It's the southeast rear side of the store, facing the alley & parking lot, not the front on La Tijera.

The "Pawn" signs are, of course, fake.  (Note that the sign on the right reads "Time".)


0:56:18: Back in the Dayton ghetto, after they place a phone call to Sylvia's father
(demanding a ransom of 1,000 years be transferred to the Missions), we see Will & Sylvia
climb a fire escape up to his room, where they hide out for the night.

That fire escape is at 611 S Anderson Street, Los Angeles.  It's the same
brick building used early on as his mother's place at the fictional Florence Hotel.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking northwest.

(But when Will looks out the window and sees the green Mission below, that view is faked.
You can't see the Mission at that angle from this building.  My guess is that
the Mission view was actually shot from around 2280 Jesse Street.)


1:02:44: Sylvia's father refuses to pay the ransom, so Will tells her she can go home.

He walks her to a pay phone, so she can call home, and she kisses him.

In the screencap above, they are standing on the northeast corner of Anderson Street & E. 6th Street.
The camera is looking west across the street, to the northwest corner, where that "TimeShare" loan
company building (and the fake pay phone) is at 571 S. Anderson Street (painted blue for the filming).

Will sits down on the curb to wait while she places the call.

As she does, the Timekeeper (cop) spots Will, and approaches him with his gun drawn.
  Sylvia shoots (and wounds) the Timekeeper, and they escape. But first, Will gives him
some extra time, so he'll be able to get out of the ghetto alive.

Will is sitting on the same northeast corner of Anderson Street & E. 6th Street.

In the screencap above, the Timekeeper approaches, walking west up E. 6th Street.
pointing his gun north/northwest at Will.  (Sylvia fires pointing her gun east/southeast.)


Click on any of the photos on these pages to see
matching Google StreetView panoramas

1:05:02: After Will & Sylvia take off in the Timekeeper's car, he finds himself stranded in the ghetto.

Thwn things get worse -  the wounded cop finds himself surrounded in a tunnel by a hostile crowd.
But he is rescued at the last moment by the timely arrival of his fellow Timekeepers.

That tunnel is real. It runs under 6th Street Bridge, and leads down to the L.A. Riverbed.

 This was shot on the west side of the L.A. River
just south of the corner of Mesquit Street & Santa Fe Avenue.

In the screencap above, the arriving cop is walking east, from Santa Fe Ave, down into the tunnel.


1:05:41: They know they can't keep driving around in a stolen cop car, so Will & Sylvia use the car
to pull over a passing limo, and then rob its rich female passenger, taking most of her time & the limo.

This scene was shot at Monterey Road & Pullman Street, in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles.

That's about 5 miles northeast of downtown L.A., on the way to Pasadena.

Monterey Road cuts through a hillside, but there are smaller roads on each side of the street,
leading to homes on the hilltop.  In the screencap above, the camera is looking south/southwest
from Pullman Street. The large street to the right is Monterey. Will's car is parked off to the east,
on a side road, facing north/northeast, before he U-turns and pulls over the limo.  The limo was
headed north/northeast on Monterey Road, when they stop it, just before Pullman Street.


1:07:28: We see their stolen limo parked under a large tree, on a hilltop.

While there, Will teaches Sylvia how to fire a gun.

This scene was shot up in Griffith Park, in a flat area off Vista del Valle Drive, known as the Helipad.

Vista del Valle is a twisty road that winds its way through the hills of the park, starting
on the east side of Roosevelt Golf Course, far above Los Feliz.

The large tree is fake - a prop brought in for the filming.

(To find the exact location, click on the map links below.)


Will & Sylvia rob one of her father's loan companies: "Weis TimeLenders",
by driving an armored car through the front window.  After helping themselves to
sacks of
time capsules, they encourage the people on the street to take them, too (which they do).

That blue & white building is located at 1213 E. 7th Street, on the east side of downtown Los Angeles.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking north/northeast.

In the real world, the large front window that they drive through is a recessed doorway,
and is protected by a heavy wrought-iron metal grating.

( Looking back, the loan company where Will's mother makes her final payment -
which results in her death - is also a Weis building, but it's not the same one.
That earlier location was on 14th Street, about a mile south of this one. )


1:15:27: We see the gangsters ("Minutemen") attempt to rob a young man who has recently
received some of the time Will has been passing out in the ghetto.

But the guy surprises them when he pulls out a gun to defend himself.  It works - for a moment.
The lead gangster, Fortis, backs off.  But once the guy drops his guard and starts walking away,
shoots him in the back (and then complains because he can't rob the time from his corpse).

This scene was shot in an alley, that runs behind (west of) the buildings
on the west side of
Anderson Street.  (It's behind Will's Florence Hotel.)

It's a north/south alley, with E. 6th Street on its north end, and Jesse Street on its south end.
In between, it passes under the 6th Street bridge.

In the screencap above, we are looking north towards the E. 6th Street.

In the screencap below, we are looking south towards the 6th Street bridge.

( And yes, for the record, there is both a 6th Street and the 6th Street bridge running
parallel to each other for a block or two on both sides of the bridge.  Go figure. )



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