In Time - Filming Locations
Part 6

Actual filming locations for the 2011 sci-fi film, "In Time".

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1:29:23: Will &
Sylvia go back to New Greenwich, with a daring plan to steal one million years.

We first see the exterior of her father's Weis Headquarters.

This is actually the CAA (Creative Artists Agency) building again (the "Death Star"),
located at 2000 Avenue of the Stars, in Century City.

We previously saw this building in the scenes where Will checks into the posh New Greenwich hotel,
and the scene where he buys a sports car.  But that was the back (east) side of the building
This is the front, facing west onto Avenue of the Stars.  (The camera is looking east.)

The futuristic building has been used in a number of movies, including
"Inception", "The Green Hornet", "Dinner for Schmucks" and "Valentine's Day".

The shot below, of her father arriving in a limo, is also the front of the same CAA building,
the valet parking area and front doors. The camera is looking north/northeast in this shot.


The scene of Sylvia "surrendering" to her father's armed bodyguards was shot in the CAA lobby.

(From the reflection on the marble floor, of the Century Plaza Towers, it appears that the
camera is looking east, towards the back entrance. The shots of her father look west.)

1:30:53: But once they have taken her father hostage, and get off the elevator on
the floor where the rob his private vault, they are no longer in Century City.

Instead, those interior scenes of them robbing his vault of one million years were
filmed in downtown L.A., inside
the Paul Hastings tower, at 515 S. Flower Street.


It is the northern tower, of a pair of twin towers in downtown that were originally known
 as the ARCO Plaza towers.  They are now called the City National Plaza towers

1:34:36: After robbing her father of a million-year time capsule, they escape in his limo.
But the Timekeeper spots them, and hangs a U-turn to pursue them.

In the real world, the Timekeeper is driving south/southeast on Avenue of the Stars, in Century City,
when he spots them. He hangs the U-turn
just past (south of) Constellation Blvd and just north of the
big fountains on the Avenue (in front of the CAA building), and heads back north on the Avenue.


1:34:51: That U-turn was supposed to be in New Greenwich, but at the very next cut
(15 seconds later), we are suddenly back on the east side of downtown.

This is our old friend, the 6th Street bridge again, spanning the Los Angeles River.

The bridge is playing the Time Zone 12 Border one last time, with the fake toll booth
placed between the two giant steel "loops" in the middle of the bridge.

In the scene, both Will's limo and the Timekeeper's car are traveling west on the bridge,
heading towards downtown L.A.  The camera is looking west in the screencap above.


The cops open fire on the limo, but it is bullet-proof, and smashes through the toll booth.
The camera is looking southeast in the screencap below.

1:35:39: You can still see the top of that bridge in the next cut, as Will & Sylvia continue to flee
the Timekeeper.  They are back in the Dayton ghetto.

In the screencap above, they are headed east down E. 6th Street, just west of Anderson Street.
The camera is looking west. The red building on the left is the north side of 601 Anderson Street.


Behind them, the Timekeeper's car suddenly turns right (south)
the alley that runs N/S, just west of Anderson Street.

(Yes, that's the same alley we've seen before, several times, in this movie.)

Click on any of the photos on these pages to see
matching Google StreetView panoramas

1:35:56: As Will & Sylvia's limo nears Pedre Plaza, the Timekeeper's car suddenly
appears from a street on the left and smashes into the limo's passenger side..

In the screencap above, Will & Sylvia's car is heading east down Jesse Street,
towards Pedre Plaza, when cop comes north out of Rio Street and rams them.

The camera is looking east. The crashed cars come to rest in front of
the green building on the right, which is at 2270 Jesse Street.


In the screencap below, the camera is looking west/southwest.

That fortress-like building in the background is the same one that Will passed on his way to work,
near the start of the movie, at
2155 E. 7th Street. The longer building to the left is at 651 Rio Street.

1:36:38: After giving the one-million-years time capsule to the little girl (Maya) - to take
to the Mission - Will & Sylvia find themselves held at gunpoint by the Timekeeper.

But by then, the time capsule has reached the Mission, and the Mission's sign changes
from "Out of Time" to "Time"
.  The crowd, which has been waiting for Will to arrive,
break and run for Pedre Plaza and the Mission, to get their free time.

Will & Sylvia use the sudden panic to their advantage, escaping into the crowd.  The Timekeeper
chases after them, gun drawn, but cannot shoot because the crowd keeps getting in the way.

In the screencap above, we are looking east up Jesse Street, as the crowd runs towards
the corner of Jesse & Anderson Streets (AKA "Pedre Plaza", where the Mission is located).

That yellow & brown building on the right is at 2270 Jesse Street.


In the screencap below, as they make their escape, Will & Sylvia are running north up
Anderson Street, away from Pedre Plaza. You can see 625 Anderson behind them.
(That is just a few storefronts south of his old hotel, at 611).

1:37:17: Still running, Will tells Sylvia that they have to make it to Livingston.

In the screenshot above, they are at at approximately 1500 N. Spring, near the intersection
of N. Spring Street & Sotello Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

That is just northeast of L.A.'s Chinatown, three miles northwest of the "Dayton" area.

They are running northeast, on the north side of Spring Street.
The building with the (fake) red side, behind them, is at 1440 N. Spring.

(The camera in the screencap above  is looking south/southwest.)

The dirt shoulder they are running onto is actually the south edge of the
new Los Angeles Historic Park (AKA
"The Cornfield" park).

(The filmmakers  use that dirt shoulder to transition to the next location - and the movie's
final confrontation-  shot in a mostly-dirt area, but located some 20 miles away.)



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