The actual Southern California locations where the
2009 movie
"Fast & Furious" was filmed.

Part 3

[ Caution: Many of the filming locations for Fast & Furious are located
in unsafe parts of the city. Exercise reasonable caution.

After the race, the FBI raids the apartment of Dwight (the blond punk racer who hassled O'Conner),
catching him while he's entertaining some party girls. They arrest him for possession of meth, a
trumped-up charge designed to keep him from being in the race, so O'Conner can take his place.

You can find this apartment building at 1820 NLa Brea Ave, in Hollywood.

(It's just a few blocks northwest of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.)

Here's a Google StreetView panorama of the place.


After the race, we see a street party, a scene that opens with racers spinning their cars in the street.

Toretto & O'Conner are both at the party. They get interviewed & learn more about the boss, Braga.

This street party scene was shot in downtown L.A.'s warehouse district, in front of the
Pan-Pacific Warehouse, at 544 Mateo Street.

It was originally built as a factory in 1917, called the Nate Starkmen building, and that name
still appears in faded paint on the front of the building.  It's frequently used for filming.

Here's a Google StreetView panorama of the brick building.


After O'Conner goes to the FBI and drops off some fingerprints he picked up at the party, he gets
a call from the cartel, giving him the coordinates for their first big drug run.

We next see O'Conner speeding down a hill, racing to the meeting place, as his bosses at
the FBI monitor him, and tell him to slow down - advice which he ignores.

This is a tricky location, a telephoto shot that is hard to see in real life with the naked eye.
They shot the scene on 7th Street, looking east on 7th towards Santa Fe Avenue,
as he drives west down the 7th Street bridge (the hill) that spans the Los Angeles River
and some railroad tracks. The freeway overpass seen in the distance (behind the hill)
is the Santa Monica (10) Freeway, near the junction of the 10, 5 & 101 freeways.

In the photo above, the camera is looking east up 7th Street, from around Wilson Street.
They used a very strong telephoto lens which compressed the apparent distance between objects.

 (Thanks, Owen.)

Here's a Google StreetView panorama of the view.

(In the next shot, inside the car, Paul is still heading west on 7th Street, but is now just west of Imperial St.)


O'Conner arrives at the coordinates and finds himself inside a big, old warehouse.
Toretto is there too, in his own car. The bad guys scan the cars for bugs - a problem for
O'Conner, since his car is bugged. But he manages to rip out the wire before he gets caught.

I'm 99% sure that this scene was filmed inside one of the warehouses at Southwest Marine,
at 985 SSeaside Ave., on Terminal Island, at the mouth of L.A. Harbor.

Southwest Marine started out as in 1917 as the Bethlehem Shipyard, later evolved into a boat repair yard,
and is now a full-time filming location, with its cluster of picturesque old buildings used almost constantly
by Hollywood, in everything from "Charlie's Angels" to "Dexter". If a scene in a movie features some
gritty, industrial setting down by the docks, half the time it was filmed at Southwest Marine.

Here's a Google StreetView panorama of part of the complex.


As they embark on their first test run, the cartel looks the boys and their cars in the back
of large trucks. The scene above shows those trucks heading down the freeway.

That aerial shot actually shows the trucks heading south on the Long Beach (710) Freeway, at the Rosecrans exit,
just north of the interchange of the Long Beach (710) Freeway and the Century (105) Freeway.


The big tunnel chase scene is next.  It's supposed to be in Mexico.

But in reality, they built those tunnels inside an extremely long warehouse down on the
docks of the Los Angeles harbor, at San Pedro.  Along with a lot of green-screen.

This warehouse runs for about 1,800 feet, along the west side of Signal Street,
just before the south end of Signal Street (where the dock ends at the ocean).

I'm not sure of its exact address, but it's right across Signal Street from the historic
Municipal Warehouse No. 1, which is at 2500 Signal Street, and is owned by
the same Crescent Warehouse company, so it may share the same address.

Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the exterior of this behemoth warehouse.


After they return from Mexico, we see a car pull into an industrial area filled with oil wells.
Mia, Toretto's sister, knocks on the door of a shack there, and O'Conner opens the door.
 She has come to care for her brother, who was wounded during a shootout with the bad guys in Mexico.

As you might expect from all those oil wells, this is Signal Hill again. This parcel of oil land is at the
southwest corner of Spring Street & Orange Ave., just north of the cemetery where they buried Letty

(In the photo above, the camera is looking northeast.)


Toretto and O'Conner set up an exchange with the bad guys: the $60 million in drugs they took
from the cartel, in return for $6 million in cash.  But they insist that the cartel leader, Braga,
be there in person. The idea is to catch the guy, and lop the head off the cartel.

As the movie's climax approaches, we see a nighttime aerial shot of the L.A. Harbor,
featuring the Vincent Thomas Bridge (the blue lights to the left in the photo above.)

You can find the bridge at the south end of the Harbor (110) Freeway.
  The bridge leads from San Pedro to Terminal Island. In the shot above,
the camera is looking across the water towards Terminal Island.

Here is a Google StreetView panorama taken on the Vincent Thomas bridge.


The scenes of the exchange (which doesn't go well) are supposed to take place
under that bridge. But it was hard to tell from the shots whether they actually filmed there.

In 2012, I got an email from a fan, Lee, who told me that he caught a glimpse of them
filming under the 105 Freeway, between the 405 & LAX.  Checking out StreetViews of
the underside of that bridge, the look of the columns do seem to match perfectly.

(Thanks, Lee!)

From the screenview above, it appears to have been shot at a spot where several ramps converge, with gaps between
the ramps.  Since the available StreetViews are limited, it's impossible for me to be certain, but my guess is that
this was most likely shot under the 105 (Century) Freeway just west of the San Diego (405) Freeway,
and east of Aviation Blvd, probably around here
.  (But again, that's just an educated guess.)


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