The caption for this aerial shot says it's the San Pedro harbor. It isn't.
Actually, it's a few miles to the east, at the adjacent
Long Beach harbor.
We are looking north in this shot, and If you look closely, you can see
Long Beach skyline (and Shoreline Village) in the distance.

The scenes where Lucy Liu brandishes a flame-thrower were also shot on
Terminal Island off San Pedro, at Southwest Marine (985 S Seaside Ave),
where a number of other movies have also been filmed
(including 2003's "Hollywood Homicide").

The scenes where Lucy Liu races down a hill lying on her back on a toboggan
of sorts, catches up with a sports car and plants a bug on the car, were filmed on
Kanan Dume Road, in Malibu, just north of where they shot the beach scenes.

Next, we see Drew drive across the Mexico border and go into a small dive,
where she gets slapped on the bottom by some creep at the bar (who she later
throws through the jukebox). There, she meets up with former Angel
Jaclyn Smith.

Those bar scenes were really shot right here in L.A., just a few blocks west of
/Shop/FarmersMarket.shtml">Farmers Market, at the
El Carmen restaurant, located at 1838 W. Third Street.

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