True Detective Filming Locations (Season 2) (Episode 7)

Episode 7

The actual Southern California locations where
"True Detective" was filmed.

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At 2:20 & 10:30, we see a rustic motel or lodge up in a forested, mountainous area.
It is where
Paul, Ani  & Ray are laying low and recovering after their raid on
the mansion orgy at the end of the previous episode.

It was a successfull mission, insofar as they managed to get their hands on
papers that finally explained what was going on, but in the process, they
wound up as wanted fugitives - hence the need for this hideout.

This is the Buckhorn Motel, at
6867 Mount Baldy Road, in Mount Baldy, CA.

( If you Google the name, chances are you'll get the address
6870 Mount Baldy Road. But that is actually for the
Buckhorn Lodge restaurant across the street.)

It's not far from the cabin where Paul & Ani found the torture shack.
which is about four miles northeast of this motel.

Here is a matching  Google StreetView of the motel.


At 20:20,
we see the glass exterior of a building that says "Los Angeles Police Dept."
on the front.  Inside, Paul is using the police computer archives to search for
information on their case.  He discovers records on the jewel heist
that show that Ben Caspere helped cover up the cops' crimes.

Along the way, he also discovers that Ani is on a wanted list,
for the death of the security guard she stabbed at the orgy.

But he is observed researching the other cops, and that lands him in trouble.

 This is actually the new L.A.P.D, headquarters, at
100 W. 1st Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

Built in 2009, you'll find it at the southwest corner of 1st & Main Street,
right across the street from (south of) City Hall.

(The camera in the shot above is looking south/southwest from 1st Street.)

And here's a Google StreetView of the building.


23:02: Ray arrives at a deserted factory to meet with the
state attorney who recruited him for this investigation.

He's ready to show her all of the papers they've finally uncovered.

 Instead, he finds her sitting dead in her car.
He realizes in a moment that this is a set-up, that he'll be framed for her murder.

So, he beats a hasty retreat and gets the hell out of there.

This is plant #23 of Owen-Illinois Glass Containers
 ("The World' s Leading Glass Bottle Manufacturer").
at 2901 Fruitland Ave, in Vernon.

In the aerial screenshot above, the camera is looking southeast.

Here is a matching Google Earth view.

Here is a Google StreetView
of the plant.


At 34:45, we see Frank in a gold & jewelry store, talking to an Orthodox Jewish jewel merchant,
arranging to trade milliona in cash (that he expects to take from the guys who betrayed him)
for diamonds that he can easily carry, when he flees to Venezuela.

The merchant realizes Frank is dealing with illegal cash, and at first pretends that he
won't do business with him. But when Frank says the cash is untraceable,
and drops a familiar name, the merchant demands 40% for the exchange.

This is Veneccian Center, a watch & jewelrystore, at 9014 W Pico Blvd,
in what is indeed a Jewish part of town (
it's surrounded by Chabads & shuls),
in west Los Angeles.

In the street screencap above, the camera is looking west/northwest.

And here is a matching Google StreetView of the shop.


: Paul goes to the Hall of Records, at night, to meet with his blackmailer,
an old war buddie who has incriminating photos of him engaged in gay sex.

It turns out to be a fatal set-up.  They're not interested in blackmail.

Waiting for him are the cops who staged the jewel theft that started this conspiracy,
and, knowing that Paul has found out about it, they just want him dead.

This is the actual Los Angeles Hall of Records, at 320 W. Temple Street.,
in downtown L.A., just west of Los Angeles City Hall.

In the screencap above, we are looking at the west side of the building
(off Hill Street), with the camera looking southeast past the building's
southwest corner, towards the L.A. Times building.

Here is a Google PhotoSphere of that corner.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking north/northeast,
at the south and west-facing walls of that same corner of the Hall of Records.

Here is a Google PhotoSphere of that side.

Strange as it seems, the underground tunnels where Paul is hunted are real.
There is an old network of tunnels that run under the L.A. Civic Center.

This particular one was the tunnel that runs between
 the Hall of Records
and the Hall of Administration
to the west,

Here's a wider Google StreetView of the building.


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