The actual Southern California locations where
the 2008 movie
"Yes Man" was filmed.

Part 3

    When Carl & Allison randomly decide to go to Nebraska, three of the locations are actually in (surprise!) Nebraska.

    (Well, make that two and a half...)

    • The little telephone museum they visit is real.  It's actually the Frank H. Woods Telephone Pioneer Museum, and can be found at 2047 M Street, in Lincoln, Nebraska (at the southwest corner of M & 21st Sts).


    • The outdoor shooting range, where Carl & Allison go skeet-shooting, is about four miles to the northeast. It's the Lincoln Trap & Skeet Club, at 4855 N. 48th Street, in Lincoln (about four miles northeast of the museum).


    But the final Nebraska location, the big football game scene, isn't quite that simple.

    The football scene is actually a Hollywood blend of two different locations: Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska (in Lincoln), and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in L.A.

    • Most of the actual game and band shots were filmed at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln (which is about a mile northwest of the telephone museum)


    • But the shots of Jim Carrey (wearing the corn-head) and the crowd were filmed back in L.A. at the Coliseum (with an L.A. crowd dressed in Husker red), and then the various shots were edited together to achieve the final result we see in the film.

      The Los Angeles Coliseum (at 3939 SFigueroa Street in Exposition Park) was the home of the 1984 & 1932 Olympics, the first Super Bowl game, and the 1959 World Series. It has also been home to USC Trojan football and (at various times) home to the Rams, the Dodgers and the Raiders.


    Since Carl can't say no, he winds up bungee-jumping off a bridge, while making a phone call.

    The bridge is the Colorado Street Bridge, at 500 WColorado Blvd (west of Arroyo Blvd), in Pasadena.

    (Don't confuse this smaller bridge with the larger Ventura Freeway bridge to the north.)


    Things begin to go wrong for Carl, after he turns down an opportunity to say 'yes'.

    After a bad experience while visiting his ex at a hotel, Carl comes out to find his car being towed.

    That hotel was the Ambassador Towers, at 691 Irolo Street, in Los Angeles, at the northwest corner of 7th Street & Irolo. (That's near Koreatown, just south of Wilshire Blvd, west of downtown.)

    The tow truck scene was shot to the north, between the hotel and its parking garage.


    Near the end of the film, Carl escapes from a hospital (still wearing a hospital gown), commandeers a motorcycle, and goes speeding down a major city street.

    Although a fake sign over the exit reads "Bunker Hill Medical Plaza", it's actually the rear of a parking building at 400 S. Flower Street (although we see the side facing Hope Place. not the Flower side). To be more specific, it's the parking building for the CitiBank Center, which is next door at 444 Flower.

    He exits onto Hope Place, just where it curves from west to north and becomes Hope Street again.

    He then speeds north on S. Hope Street (just north of W. 4th Street).

    At one point, he rides his motorcycle onto the sidewalk (doing a wheelie). That sidewalk scene was shot at the Wells Fargo Center, on the east side of Hope Street (between 4th St & 3rd St).


      Then it's back up to the Griffith Park Observatory for a romantic make-up scene with Allison (while a crowd shoots photos, and Carl tries to keep the back of his hospital gown shut).

      After that, the final scene in the movie takes place at a Skid Row mission (a sign reads "Santa Alvarez Rescue Mission"), where Carl & Allison are donating their time to help out the homeless.

      In real life, it's Walden House, a local drug & alcohol treatment center, at 1355 Hill Street, on the south edge of downtown L.A.

      That's not really on Skid Row (which is on the east side of downtown), but it does help the homeless.  It's at the north/northwest corner of Hill & 14th St., about a half miles east/southeast of the Convention Center & the Staples Center.

      The shot above shows the entrance on the west sided of Hill Street. They filmed the scene below in the parking lot on the south side of the building


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