The actual Southern California locations where
the 2008 movie
"Yes Man" was filmed.

Part 2

    Deep into his new "Yes" philosophy, Carl finally takes a flyer from a guy handing them out (in front of that blue coffee shop), and the flyer advertises a club called "Spaceland".

    When Carl goes to the small club, and the eccentric show begins, he is surprised to find that the lead singer of the odd little group on stage is none other than Allison, the girl who had given him a lift on her motorbike.

    Spaceland is an actual club, in the Silver Lake district (northwest of downtown L.A.). The address is 1717 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles. You'll find it on the west/NW side of the street, about a half mile northeast of Sunset Blvd.


    Carl arranges to se Allison again, in the morning, when she hosts an unusual group photography/jogging outing.

    But being unable to say "no", our yes-man has stayed up all night partying, and shows up in the morning wired high on "Red Bull" and proceeds to make a fool out of himself.

    The site of this scene is the Griffith Park Observatory, atop Mount Hollywood, at 2800 E. Observatory Ave, in Griffith Park. The trails where the group jogs and shoots photos are the paths near the Observatory.

    The dramatic Observatory has appeared in a number of movies over the years.


    Carl takes Allison on a late date, sneaking into the famous Hollywood Bowl after dark, when it's closed.

    This scene was shot at the actual Bowl, which you can find in the Hollywood foothills, a short drive north of Hollywood & Highland, at 2301 NHighland Ave.

    In the real world, you can visit the Hollywood Bowl during the daytime for free on most days, and see the seats mostly empty, as they are in the film. (Performances take place in the evening.) The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra often holds rehearsals there during the day.


    Carl talks down a man threatening to jump out of a top-floor window, in part by singing him a song.

    That building is actually The Barclay, an apartment house at 706 SNormandie Ave, in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles.

    However, they didn't shoot the Normandie Avenue side of the building. Instead, they shot the guy in a window, on the 7th Street side of the building, with the camera looking south.

    Perversely, though, the reaction shots (of the crowd below) did use that the west Normandie side (the grotto of The Langham, a nearby apartment house, can be seen behind the spectators).


    The airport scenes (both before and after they head out to Nebraska) were filmed at Ontario International Airport, at 2900 E. Airport Drive, in Ontario, California.

    That's about 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and about 10 miles east of the Pomona Fairgrounds (where they hold the annual Los Angeles County Fair).


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