The actual Southern California locations where
the 2008 movie
"Yes Man" was filmed.

Part 1

    We first see Jim Carrey's character, 'Carl', at a video store, checking out the DVD's, when his friend calls him on his cell phone. He pretends he's not in the video store, but his friend is right outside, and can see him though the store window.

    That scene was filmed at the Blockbuster Video store at 2175 Colorado Blvd, in Eagle Rock. That's at the northeast corner of Colorado & Eagle Rock Blvds.

    The Eagle Rock neighborhood is located in northeast Los Angeles, between Pasadena and Glendale, about nine miles northeast of downtown L.A. (And yes, there really is a big rock that looks something like an eagle in Eagle Rock.)


[ Thanks go out to Dave T for tracking down a number of these "Yes Man" locations. Thanks, Dave! ]

    Carl's friends drag him to a restaurant called the Bigfoot Lodge, with log walls and a northwest theme.

    As unlikely as it might seem, the Bigfoot Lodge is real - log walls and  all. You'll find it at 3172 Los Feliz Blvd, in the Los Feliz/Glendale section of Los Angeles.  It's near the southeast corner of Los Feliz & GlenFeliz Blvds.

    That's about two miles southeast of the L.A. Zoo, and just a few blocks west of the original Forest Lawn in Glendale.

    ( The Lodge has its own website, at (what else?) )


    Carl lives alone in an apartment house, next to a rather amorous senior citizen named 'Tillie'.

    That apartment house is really the Park Plaza apartments, at 3311 Rowena Ave, in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles . That's near the northwest corner of Rowena & Griffith Park Blvd, and just a mile southwest of the Bigfoot Lodge.


    An early scene has Carl leaving a bright blue coffee shop (a fake sign outside reads "La Casa Blue"), when he runs into a guy passing out flyers, which he refuses.

    ( Later, after being converted to the "Yes" philosophy, he takes one of those flyers and ends up at Allison's club. )

    That blue building actually houses "Curves" (a women's fitness center), and 5928 York Blvd, in Eagle Rock.  That's at the west/southwest corner of York Blvd & Aldama St.

    That's the same city neighborhood as the video store, but the 'coffee shop' is about two miles southeast of the video location.


    Finally, tired with his boring life, Carl is persuaded to attend a "Yes" seminar at a hotel.

    That hotel is the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, at 1755 N. Highland Ave, in Hollywood.

    That's at the Hollywood & Highland center, just behind the Kodak Theatre (where the Oscars are held) and the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

    In the establishing shot, we're looking west at the east-facing side of the hotel, on Highland Avenue.


    After his conversion, when leaving the hotel, Carl encounters a bum who takes advantage of Carl's new-found inability to say 'no', by asking for a ride to Elysian Park. Once there, he asks for money, and then (sensing opportunity) asks for all of Carl's money, which Carl gives him.

    Carl then discovers that his car is out of gas. He's stranded, and and is forced to walk alone at night through the lonely, foresty park, making jokes about being killed by the Manson family.

    Elysian Park is a real city park on Los Angeles.  It's a large, mostly undeveloped section of hilly, wooded land, north of (and partially surrounding) Dodger Stadium - which, in turn, is just northwest of downtown L.A. The official address of the park is 1880 Academy Drive, Los Angeles.

    ( Jokes aside, Elysian Park isn't the safest spot in L.A., so if you visit, exercise reasonable caution. )


    Out of gas, Carl walks to the nearest gas station (gas can in hand), where he meets an eccentric girl named 'Allison', (Zooey Deschanel) who offers him a ride back to his car, on the back of her motor scooter.

    That scene was shot at the Gas Express station, at 1467 WSunset Blvd, which is indeed just west of Elysian Park (and just west of Echo Park). It's at the northeast corner of W. Sunset Blvd & Portia Street.

    (Don't mistake this for the Sunset Strip - this section of Sunset is a good eight miles east of the Strip.)


    Next, we see 'Carl' on the back of the girl's motor bike, taking a wild ride through town.

    Those motor scooter scenes were shot along the 2700 block of N. Broadway, Los Angeles - between Workman Street (on the west) and Griffin Ave (on the east).

    They are heading east on Broadway, with the camera looking south and southwest.

    Ironically, you'd have to pass through (or around) Elysian Park to get from the gas station to this stretch of Broadway, which is located to the east of Elysian Park & Dodger Stadium, about four miles from the gas station, and on the opposite side of the park.


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