The actual locations where Mel Gibson's
2004 thriller, "Paparazzi" were shot

(including photos, addresses and map links)

The red carpet movie premiere at the beginning of the film (where Cole Hauser and his wife
first encounter the paparazzi) wasn’t actually filmed at a movie theatre. Rather, it was shot at
the MTA building, located at 810 N. Vignes Street, in downtown Los Angeles just west
of (behind) Union Station (and east of Olvera Street).

    The M.T.A. is the Metropolitan Transit District,and this shining new skyscraper
    is the new center of L.A. public transportation.

(The interior of this same MTA building was used for the scene where Cole walks into the
lobby of the office building where his anger management therapist works.)

The movie premiere at the end of the film also wasn’t shot at a movie theatre. It was filmed at
the Pantages Theatre, a "legitimate" (live) theatre located at 6233 Hollywood Blvd
(at Vine Street), in Hollywood.


When you first see Cole Hauser jogging on the beach, that is El Pescador State Beach,
which is located about six miles west of Point Dume, (near where Pacific Coast Highway
meets Decker Canyon Road) at in Malibu [El Pescador means "The Fisherman".]


(Cole’s house (below) was an actual home, located in Malibu Canyon, which was empty and
 "For Sale"
  at the time. They rented it to shoot the film there. I don’t have the address,
but it may be
  on Malibu Canyon Road, in the hills above the Malibu Pier.)

Cole visits a Malibu market where a fan asks him to sign his picture in a tabloid newspaper
(the photo turns out to be a nude shot of he and his wife). This scene was filmed at the Malibu Kitchen,
a small restaurant/market in the Malibu Country Mart, at 3900 Cross Creek Road (just off PCH),
in Malibu. They serve sandwiches and have a good bakery, in addition to the small market.


The scene where Cole and his family are having fun at the park, when a paparazzo goads him
into throwing a punch at the photographer (who won't stop shooting photos of Cole's child),
was shot at Rancho Park (aka Cheviot Hills Park) at 2551 Motor Avenue (near Pico Blvd),
located right across the street from (south of) 20th Century Fox Studios, in Century City.


Several times, we see Cole and his crew shooting a movie outdoors on the streets of L.A.
Those filming scenes were shot on Main Street (near the Skid Row district), at the corner
of Main Street & 4th Street in downtown Los Angeles.


The scenes of the paparazzo’s boat were supposed to be at Marina Del Rey, but they were
actually shot at the Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro, CA, near 22nd Street.

The nightclub scenes with the dancing girls were shot at a real nightclub named "Deep", located at
1707 Vine Street, at Hollywood & Vine, in Hollywood (just west of The Pantages).

The dancing girls behind glass were actually a part of the real Deep. Deep later changed
its name to "Basque", and they toned it down a bit, but the dancing girls remained.

However, in April of 2008, a major fire gutted the building which housed the club.

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