The actual locations where Mel Gibson's
2004 thriller, "Paparazzi" were shot

(including photos, addresses and map links)

The party scene where a paparazzo deliberately lies to Cole (in front of his wife),
about seeing him with another girl on his lap, were shot at the Biltmore Hotel,
506 S. Grand Ave
(at 5th Street), in downtown Los Angeles.

The car chase (and resulting crash) was shot in downtown Los Angeles,
 on south Figueroa Street,
in particular, around Figueroa Street & 8th Street.

The "Cedar View Hospital", where Cole’s wife and son are treated, was composed of two different locations:

The exterior entrance was actually the Sunkist Building, on 14130 Riverside Drive

(near Hazeltine Ave.), in Sherman Oaks, CA (in the Valley).

The hospital interiors were shot at an empty/closed hospital (the former North Hollywood
Medical Center, where the TV show "Scrubs" often shoots), at 12629 Riverside Drive.
(just two miles east of the Sunkist Building.)


The scenes of the motorcycle crash were filmed in the rocky hills above Chatsworth, CA,
which separate the San Fernando Valley from the Simi Valley.

[map approximate]

The scene showing the newspaper office of the "Paparazzi" tabloid actually showed the corner of
Broadway & Third Street, in downtown Los Angeles.


  (The theatre marquee is the old Million Dollar Theatre.)

The scene where the paparazzo is pulled over in his car and then shot by the police
(when he grabs a mock gun) was filmed near the corner of Lankershim Blvd & Vineland Ave,
in North Hollywood.

(In the background, once can see Roger Dunn Golf shop, which is at
4744 Lankershim Blvd,
  Odyssey Video, which is at 4810 Vineland Ave,
and Mark’s Paint, which is at 4830 Vineland Ave.)

The scene where the detective (played by Dennis Ferina) sees the traffic camera
and gets wise, was filmed near the corner of Ventura Blvd & Laurelgrove Ave,
around 12265 Ventura Blvd,in Studio City (in the San Fernando Valley). 

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