Part 3

The Actual Southern California Locations where
2004's "First Daughter" was filmed.

When 'Samantha' and 'James' escape from her dorm (Kerckhoff Hall) and sneak out for
a lunch date, the scene suddenly cuts back to Old Town Orange. When we see them at a table,
eating pizza, they are dining in a little brick alley just off the west side of Glassell Street (in Orange).
This alley houses several cafes, but they are dining at Zito's Pizza, at 156 N. Glassell St.

(This is also where the lady with the camera takes a snapshot of 'Samantha'.)

Next, we see the two strolling down a street, while talking about his college major.
They are actually walking south down the west side of Glassell Street
(the 100 block of Glassell, to be exact).

(You may notice a purple brick building behind them at one point - remember it.
It will come back to play a key role later in the film.)

While walking, they are spotted by a group of news photographers, and flee.
We see the kids run south, through the traffic circle of Plaza Square. We see the reporters
run through Orange's Plaza Square Park, in the center of the traffic circle.


The pair runs through a large alley, and then miraculously end up back where
they started, in the little alleyway where Zito's Pizza is located...

They hide nearby, between a potted plant and the doorway of another restaurant, while the
photographers run by. That door leads into the actual "Jalapeno Mexican Restaurant",
located at 154 N. Glassell, in Orange, of course...


Next, we see the couple dash into a movie theatre to hide from the reporters.
The outside of that theatre was actually in Old Town Orange, on Glassell again.
It used to be an actual movie theatre, but they went out of business and it is now a church
(called "Son Light Christian Center"). It's located at 172 N. Glassell Street.


But the interior of the movie theatre takes us miles away from Orange.
Remember the elegant lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre (with that grand staircase), from
the start of the movie? Well, this time we don't see the lobby (because the kids enter the
theatre via a side door), we just see the actual auditorium with its seats and movie screen,.
where 'Sam' and 'James' sit down to watch the film and eat popcorn. As we mentioned earlier,
the Los Angeles Theatre is located at 615 S. Broadway in downtown L.A.


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