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Meanwhile, up on Hollywood Blvd, the armored car has been stopped by
traffic, right in front of
Grauman's Chinese Theatre (and right next to
that truck with the large Pepsi sign.)

The explosives go off around the armored car, rupturing the street beneath it,
and sending the armored car plunging down into the subway tunnels below
Hollywood Blvd, where the guys are waiting for it. (This tunnel scene was
shot on a specially built set, with cranes safely lowering the truck.)

Above is an aerial view of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. We are
looking northwest. Inside its curved walls, you can see part of
the theatre's famous courtyard with footprints of the stars in cement.

A pursuit begins, with the good guys trying to escape to Union Station
in their mini-Coopers, while
Ed Norton chases them in a helicopter.

Above, you will see the Hansen Dam, which is actually nowhere near
downtown L.A. in fact, it's in the far north
San Fernando Valley.

(In the recent "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle", the same Hansen dam
appeared as a Mongolian border crossing.)

The chase takes them through downtown L.A. Here, we are looking
north as we see the mini-Cooper crossing the intersection of
Figueroa Street and 11th Street, on the west side of downtown.
near the /OnStage/StaplesCenter.shtml">Staples Center.

Below, we look west down [Wilshire?], past Hope Street, as the helicopter
follows them through the streets of downtown L.A.

Finally, the action winds up back at Union Station, but instead of the
attractive station itself, the action this time takes place near the
train tracks east of the station.

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