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In order to ambush the armored car, the good guys stage a massive traffic jam,
which slows the progress of the armored car and allows them to influence
its direction. The traffic jam is centered at the corner of Hollywood & Highland.

In the photo above, you are looking south down Highland, from
corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Highland Ave.

In the aerial photo below, you are looking down on the same corner.
Near the top left of the photo is the
Souvenirs Of Hollywood store
on the southwest corner of that intersection (
6800 Hollywood Blvd).

Stars from the
Walk of Fame are visible on the sidewalks.

You can also see a little of the
Hollywood & Highland center
on the right side of this photo.

In the photo below, you are looking north up Highland Avenue (from
the same intersection). The white church in the distance is the
Hollywood United Methodist Church (at 6817 Franklin Avenue),
where scenes from the movies "Back to the Future" & "Sister Act" were filmed.

You can also see the south side of the Hollywood & Highland center
on the left side of the photo, near the driver's head. (If you keep driving
north up Highland, you'll soon come to the
Hollywood Bowl.)

This shot is looking northwest, from the southeast corner of the intersection
of Hollywood & Highland, looking at the
Hollywood & Highland center, as
the armored car turns west on Hollywood Blvd. and heads towards
Grauman's Chinese Theatre. You can see the entrance gate to the
Kodak Theatre near the left side of the photo. The Kodak is the permanent
home of the annual Academy Awards (Oscars) show.

As the armored car nears Grauman's Chinese, the mini-cars, which
were following it west on Hollywood Blvd, abruptly hang a U-turn,
driving over the curb, up onto the sidewalk on the
north side of
Hollywood Blvd
(in front of the Hollywood & Highland center.
Note the stars on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame on the sidewalk.

In the photo below, we look west as the mini-car heads east down
the north side of Hollywood Blvd. You can see Disney's
El Capitan
on the south side of the street (on the left side of the photo.)

The mini-cars then head down the stairs of an underground terminal of
the new
Red Line subway system. The actual terminal is located at
northwest corner of Hollywood & Highland, beneath the new
Hollywood & Highland center. (The same subway terminal was used in
another 2003 movie, "Hollywood Homicide
", with Harrison Ford.)

The minicars race an oncoming subway train to the tunnel, stop the
train to block the tunnel entrance from pursuers, then wait underground
for the armored car to come crashing down from the street above.

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