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Culver City, the home of the legendary M-G-M Studios, the city where "Gone With the Wind," "The Wizard of Oz" and "Citizen Kane" were filmed, recently unveiled a brand new Walk of Fame.

Unlike the well-known Hollywood Walk of Fame, however, you'll find no bronze stars in Culver City's sidewalks. And this time, it's not the stars being honored, but the movies.

This new "Walk of Fame," was unveiled in 1998, as part of a major renovation of the city's aging downtown district.

It consists of 62 palm trees lining a mile of Washington Blvd (between National and La Cienega) - the same street that is home to the MGM historic studio.

Each palm tree has a wrap-around "surround" (described by the city as "futuristic") which bears the name of a film shot in Culver City, ranging from "Meet Me in St. Louis" to "The Good Earth," "Singing in the Rain," and "Showboat." The "surround" also lists the names of the stars on each movie.

The new tree-monuments line both sides of the Washington Blvd., arranged in alphabetical order (based on the title of the movie.) They also light up at night.

Alas, this "Walk of Fame" sounds better on paper than it looks when you actually see it. The "surrounds" are rather bulky, bright yellow steel posts, that have a distinctly industrial look to them. To me, they somewhat resemble an ocean buoy.

And the section of Washington Boulevard that they chose for the tribute is not the familiar area near MGM studios, but a somewhat seedy district farther to the northeast. I can't really recommend going out of your way to see it.

At this time, there are no plans to add any more tree-surrounds for future movies made in the city (unlike the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which constantly adds new stars to its famous sidewalk).

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 Getting there: The new tree-lined Walk of Fame in Culver City is located along Washington Blvd., from National Blvd. on the west, to La Cienega Blvd. on the east. From MGM Studios (now Sony Entertainment Studios), just go east on Washington Blvd. about half a mile.

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