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Dexter: New Blood

Eight years after it officially ended (with a less-than-satisfying finale), Dexter is back!

And I'm back to track down its new filming locations, and let you know exactly where it was filmed..

That's always a challenging task, but It's going to be much more difficult this time around.

Because unlike the original eight seasons, which were filmed here in Southern California, this new season of Dexter was filmed in Massachusetts, 2,500 miles away from where I live.

That would be difficult enough If they had filmed mainly in the major cities like Boston, where I would at least have street signs, curb numbers and landmark buildings as clues to help pinpoint the locations. But most of their new scenes were shot in small towns and remote forests and ponds scattered across the rural central/western regions of Massachusetts.

When you're out on some frozen pond, or in a snowy forest, one tree looks pretty much like another.

As such, I probably won't be able to pinpoint every single filming location this time (as I did with the first eight seasons), but I hope to find most of them.

My process requires that I first watch each episode and record the the precise time when each   location appears on screen, and then write all of that down on my "By Episode" index.
Then I do the detective work to find them In the real world; and  finally, I add a new, individual page for each location, detailing where it is actually located In the real world.

I usually can get the index up within 24 hours of when the episode first airs, but it takes longer, of course, to do the individual pages for each location. That latter task requires a lot of photo editing, writing, and.adding map links.

So be patient as I venture to track them down each week.
I will try to have the new locations from each new episode up online before the next episode is released.

As of this writing, I just finished watching the first episode, and then spent a couple of hours writing down the timestamps for each location. You'll find that new     index here.

And now I'll begin the more difficult work of creating those new  pages for each location. I'll add them one at a time, and I hope to have all of them up before the next episode airs.

 ( If, by chance, you live in Massachusetts, and recognize any of the locations that I haven't yet identified, please to let me know, at:

Click here to go to my new list of locations, listed by episode, with the exact times when each location appears in that episode.

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