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15424 Sunset Blvd.,
Pacific Palisades, CA. / (310) 459-4483

A small gourmet market which attracts stars from the Santa Monica/Malibu area is Gelson's Market in Pacific Palisades. It's one of a small chain of markets in upscale locations such as Marina Del Rey and the Century City Shopping Center.

But it is this Pacific Palisades branch which seems to attract the most celebrity shoppers.


Over the years, Sally Field, Billy Crystal, Cindy Crawford, Jane Fonda, Leslie Nielsen, Glenn Close, Jayne Meadows & Steve Allen have all been spotted at this Gelson's market, which is located about a mile inland from the beach, on Sunset Boulevard, between Santa Monica and Malibu. Also, the L.A. Times reports sightings of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, comics Martin Short and Chevy Chase here.


Inside, it's similar to most other Gelson's markets (which is to say, quite nice, with particularly fine produce and deli sections), but this one features a Wolfgang Puck takeout stand where you can pick up a fresh-baked pizza while you shop.

(There is another celebrity-friendly Gelson's market in the southwest corner of the Century City Shopping Center. April Winchell reports seeing John Lithgow, Jodie Foster and Anne Robinson buying groceries there. Other Gelson's in Hollywood, West Hollywood and the Valley also attract celeb shoppers.)

Getting there: from Pacific Coast Highway, head east on Sunset, about a mile and a half, to just past Temescal Canyon Road. You'll find the store on your right (south) side, at the southwest corner of Sunset and Via de la Paz.  

Also: Just one block east of Gelson's was Mort's Delicatessen, at 1035 Swarthmore Avenue, Pacific Palisades, which had a celebrity following including William Baldwin, Sean Penn and the late Walter Matthau.

(In fact, Walter Matthau spent so much time there that he occasionally helped deliver sandwiches to diners in the deli. And after being released from the hospital, he had their food delivered to his home!)

However, Mort's Deli closed in 2007, and the former mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan (who already owns the "Original Pantry" downtown and "Gladstone's" in Malibu, bought the space and has opened a new restaurant there called "Village Pantry". Given the location, I suspect that the Village Pantry will have a celebrity clientele of its own soon... (310) 454-3337.

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