Map of the Pier Plaza Business Park at the Redondo Beach Pier
( with filming locations for "The O.C." marked on the map )

  • Sandy's Office is Sandy Cohen's new beach front office, which he moves into after losing most of his corporate business (due to his connection with Caleb). It's seen in season two of The O.C., in episode 10 (The Accomplice), episode 11 (The Second Chance), and episode 19 (The Rager), among others.

  • The Clinic is the "Family Planning Clinic" where Theresa (Ryan's ex) went to find out if she was pregnant, in episode 27 of season one, The Ties That Bind.

  • Waiting Area is a spot on the footbridge where Ryan and Seth waited nervously (leaning on a rail) for Theresa to come out with the test results (in the same episode 27 of The O.C.).

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