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 Actual Southern California locations where the 2004 movie "Cellular" was filmed.

The LAX sign above is real, on the road to the real Los Angeles International Airport.
You'll find its 30-foot letters east of the intersection of Century Blvd & Sepulveda Blvd.

But the exterior and interior scenes at the airport were actually filmed in The O.C.,
and it wasn't even a real airport. They shot those scenes outside and inside of
the Anaheim Convention Center (across the street from Disneyland),
at 800 W. Katella Avenue, in Anaheim, CA.

The bank scene, supposedly set in Century City, was not shot in Century City.

That becomes obvious when we take a close look at the screenshots.
The Union Bank tower, seen in the background of the photo below,
is located at 445 S. Figueroa in downtown L.A. (12 miles east of Century City).

In the same photo, we can see also the top of the Bonaventure Hotel just to the left
of the bank tower. The Bonaventure (at 404 S. Figueroa) is actually northeast of the bank,
which means they were shooting this from a location west of both buildings.

The pedestrian bridges overhead span Beaudry Avenue, and are part of
the new Los Angeles Center Studios, located at 1201 W. 5th Street,
just west of the Harbor Freeway in downtown L.A..

Ryan gets in a crash which wrecks his borrowed security car.

He then confronts the slimy lawyer (Rick Hoffman) and steals his Porsche.

This scene was filmed at the intersection of 2nd Street & Hill Street, in downtown Los Angeles.

The tunnel (where Ryan backs up to avoid killing his cell phone signal) is the
"2nd Street Tunnel", which runs on 2nd street between Hill St. & Figueroa St.

(The same tunnel was also seen in the original "Terminator" and in "Blade Runner".)

The final showdown happens on, around (and even under) the Santa Monica Pier,
and the Pacific Park amusement park (right next to the pier).

Bill Macy beats up the bad guy in the Santa Monica Pier Carousel, a landmark
1916 structure on the Santa Monica Pier (which was also featured in "The Sting").

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