All American - TV series Filming Locations

The actual locations where the 2018 series All American was TV series ed.

The new CW drama series, "All American", is somewhat
 reminiscent, in concept,  of "
The O. C.".

A young man from a bad neighborhood is rescued by a rich benefactor,
who brings him into his home in a wealthy neighborhood, causing a culture clash
between the teen and his new upscale community.

Only in this new show, the young man is a high school football player, the bad neighborhood isn't Chino, it's South Central L.A.  And the wealthy neighborhood isn't Newport Beach, it's Beverly Hills.

And this time, most of the cast is African-American,
led by Daniel Ezra as 'Spencer James' and Taye Diggs as 'Coach Baker'.

The show is filmed here in Southern California, with a good part of it shot in South Central L.A.

There are only a few regular locations on the show,
places that are seen in most episodes:

  • Spencer's original home in Crenshaw:

    This small  home is at 1153 W. 56th Street, Los Angeles,
    which  is on the north side of 56th Street, just east of S. Budlong Avenue,
    about a mile and a half south/southwest of Exposition Park and USC.

    It is in the Vermont-Slauson section of South Los Angeles.

    Here is a Google Street view of the house.

  • Spencer's new home (Coach Baker's house) in Beverly Hills:

    From the look of his house, I had a hunch that it wasn't really in Beverly Hills,
    that was probably on the west side of the San Fernando Valley.  And I was right.

    It's actually located at 4760 Amigo Ave, in Tarzana.

    That's about 10 miles northwest a Beverly Hills,
    on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains.

    Here is a matching Google Street view of the house.

  • Spencer's original "South Crenshaw High School":

    In real life, this is Thomas Jefferson High School, at the northwest corner of
    41st Street and Compton Avenue,  at 1319 E. 41st Street, in Los Angeles

    It's about two miles due south of downtown Los Angeles,
    and less than two miles east of Exposition Park.

    Here is a matching  Google Street view of the school.

  • and Spencer's new "Beverly High School":

This is actually El Segundo High School,
at 640 Main Street, in
El Segundo, CA.

In the screenshot above, we see the school's main entrance,
with camera looking east from Main Street.

The city of El Segundo lies on LA's coast, just south of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It's about 14 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles, and 10 miles south of Beverly Hills.

This particular high school has been used in a number of productions
over the years,  including "SuperBad" and "Joan of Arcadia".

Here is a matching Google Street view of the school.

Plus, there's a nearby park where they shoot a lot of the Crenshaw scenes
involving Spencer's friends and gang types from his old neighborhood:

The scene above was shot in a picnic/playground area  just east of
the big recreation center at Van Ness Park, at 5720 2nd Ave, Los Angeles,
(about two miles west/southwest of Spencer's house).

Here is a Google Street view of the outside of the park rec center:

Here is an aerial view pinpointing the spot
 in the park, near the rec center.

And then, of course, there are the football fields, where they shoot the
various football practice/game scenes, found in virtually every episode.

These various football scenes were shot on the football fields of three separate high schools in the L.A. area:

  • Jefferson High
    (which plays South Crenshaw High on the show),
  • El Segundo High
    (which plays Beverly High on the show), and

  • Augustus Hawkins High School,
    which is located 825 W. 60th Street ,

    about 2 1/2 miles southwest of Jefferson High.

Here is an aerial view of the Augustus Hawkins High football field.

( The three fields look similar, so it can be difficult to know
 which football scenes were shot at which stadiums.

Those are the only regular locations on the show, but while I'm at it,
I might as well throw in a few other locations seen in the show's pilot episode:

Around 04:00 in the pilot episode, we see Spencer
walking down the street in Crenshaw, past a barbershop:

In real life, this is Central Barbershop,
at 4060 S. Central Ave, in Los  Angeles.

In the scene, Spencer is walking north down the east side of S. Central Avenue,
in the 4000 block of Central, heading  towards E. 40th Place.

It's just a few blocks west of Jefferson High School.

It's just south of Martin Luther King Blvd., about a mile east of the Harbor freeway,
and about a mile and a half south of downtown L.A.

Here is a matching StreetView of the barber shop:

Around 27:00 in the pilot episode, we get a good look at the palm-lined street
  in "Crenshaw" where Spencer lives,  when his friend picks him up in a
bright red car, and Spencer teases him about it being gang colors:

This is a view of the 1100 block of W. 56th Street
which is indeed home where you'll find Spencer's house.

( Photos of palm tree-lined streets in Southern California are standard,
but they are usually photos of Beverly Hills. So you may find it somewhat
surprising to find a very similar view in south-central L.A. )

This street is in the Vermont-Slauson section of South Los Angeles.

( Caution: Although it might not look like it in StreetView, according to L.A. Times stats,
Vermont-Slauson is a high-crime district, with high rates of murder, rape, robbery and assault. )

Here is a matching StreetView of those palm trees:


At around 09:00 in the pilot: Spencer rides the bus to Beverly Hills, and we glimpse
several things out the  window, including a mural, on the side of a building:

This mural is on the south-facing side of the building located at
the northwest corner  of Slauson Avenue & San Pedro Street,
in South-Central Los Angeles.

It is a County Probation building, at 5811 San Pedro Street.

Here is a matching StreetView of that mural:

Then there is a shot of the Beverly Hills Hotel:

You'll find this Pink Palace at 9641 Sunset Blvd, in Beverly Hills.

And you can read more about the hotel here.

Here is a StreetView of the hotel:

And then we see a Louis Vuitton boutique,

You'll find this shop at 295 North Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills.

Here is a Google StreetView of the store:

At 28:00, we see a shot of another palm lined street:

But this is the classic view of a Beverly Hills street.

In the screenshot above, they are driving north on Beverly Drive,
in the 600 block of Beverly Drive.

The red stop sign is at Beverly Drive & Elavado Ave, in Beverly Hills.

Here is a matching StreetView of Beverly Drive:

But when they cut to the next shot (where we see a white colonial home
on the corner behind them), they are no longer on Beverly Drive.

(You will note that the palm trees are gone,
and this street is lined with deciduous trees.


The camera in the screenshot above is looking back east/northeast,
as the car heads west/southwest on the
9400 block of Carmelita Avenue, in Beverly Hills.

The intersection behind them is Carmelita & N. Canon Drive, in Beverly Hills.

( That colonial house on the corner is at 526 N Canon Drive. )

Here is a StreetView of that corner:

At 35:00 in the pilot episode, Spencer's new friends
take him to a party at another wealthy home in the hills:


There's a party going on out by the pool, and Spencer has too much to drink.

This house is at 9200 Swallow Drive, in what are known as
the Bird Streets (because the streets are named after birds),
in the L.A. hills above the Sunset Strip.

Here is a matching StreetView of that house:

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