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The location: Boyd Fowler's House

Q. What is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. A residential home.

Q. Where is it supposed to be on the show?

    A. 283 Flower Steet, in Miami.

Q. When did we see it on the show?

    A. In Episode 2, of Season 5, "Hello Bandit".

    After Dexter finds human blood in a moving van he rented, he checks out the last person to rent that van, one Boyd Fowler, who works for the county in dead animal pickup.

    First, he plants a dead raccoon on a road as an excuse to meet Boyd on his job.

    Not quite sure what to make of Boyd after that brief encounter (other than that he's peculiar), Dexter next goes to Boyd's home to look for evidence.

    In this scene, we see Dexter drive up to Boyd's house, and then he walks to the side of the house, where he finds a barrel filled with dead animals. ("The guy likes to take his work home.")

    Dexter breaks into the house, looks around and discovers a number of things: Boyd's cabinets are filled with nothing but an endless supply of canned tuna, soup and bread. He has a loaded handgun in a dresser drawer. His attic door is locked...

    Suddenly, Boyd unexpectedly returns home.

    Dexter stealthily dodges Boyd, as Boyd moves around the house, listening to a self-motivation tape and chanting its lines ("Take it!") And while avoiding him, Dexter discovers a lock of blonde hair (tagged with a number)

    When Boyd leaves the living room, Dexter slips out of the house.

    We see Boyd's home again in Episode 3, ("Practically Perfect"), when Boyd returns to his house after escaping from Dexter. However, Dexter is already in his house, waiting for him. When Boyd hears his motivational CD's playing, he gets a gun, but Dexter wins the skirmish and injects Boyd - who winds up on Dexter's killing table.

    However, Dexter doesn't have a chance to use the kill room he constructed at the park. Instead he is forced to improvise, and kills Boyd in his house.

    Unfortunately, it turns out that there was a witness to Dexter's ritual killing: one of Boyd's victims, Lumen Pierce, a young female survivor. That, of course, puts Dexter in an awkward situation: he can't kill her, since she's an innocent, but he can't let her go, because she knows his secret.

    In Episode 5 ("First Blood"), after Dexter has set Lumen free, he returns to Boyd's house, and finds that someone has broken in and searched through Boyd's papers.  It turns out it was Lumen.

Q. What is it actually in real life?

    A. A residential home. But nowhere near Miami.

Q. Where can I find it in real life?

    A. This house is at 1444 Gordon Street, in Hollywood, just south of Sunset Blvd.

    That's right across the street from (east of) the Sunset-Gower studio where the show is filmed.

    ( If you look closely, as Dexter is walking up the side of Boyd's house, you can glimpse the studio's parking garage across the street...)

    But while the exterior of the house was filmed at 1444 Gordon, tipster Rick observed them filming interiors at a nearby house on Gordon at the same time, so it appears that the interior shots of Boyd's house were filmed at 1432 Gordon Street, three houses to the south of the exterior house.

    They have filmed at so many houses on Gordon Street, over the course of five seasons, that I've joked that the studio should just buy up the entire block and save the cost of renting the houses...

    Just to name a few of the house they have shot at on Gordon:

      1332 Gordon: Anton's Apartment House.

      1342 Gordon: Mario's House (the Skinner's assistant).
                           also seen as the empty foreclosed house Dexter visits in Episode 10 of Season 4.

      1422 Gordon: Doakes' Apartment House.

      1432 Gordon: Teegan's House,
                           also seen as the Supposedly Empty House,
                           also seen as the basement where Dexter encounters a squatting family,
                           also the interiors of Boyd's house.

      1444 Gordon: Boyd Fowler's House (exterior).

      1527 Gordon: Christine's Apartment House.

          (with more to come this season...)

    And nearby are several other locations, including the café where Dexter & Rita have their first date, Wendell Owens' house, the hooker motel, the street where Trinity walked the dog, and the strip mall where Debra picks up the photos for the funeral.

    Here is a Google Streetview panorama of the house:

    The photo of the house below was shot by Rick during production, in June 2010.

    [Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
    knock on their door, or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

    Here is an aerial photo of the houses. And here is a map link.

Q. How the heck did you figure out where it was?

    A.  In previous seasons, I've usually had to hunt down the locations after viewing the episodes, using clues from the various scenes.  By the 5th season, though, I'd developed a small group of fans, spies & tipsters who kept an eye out for Dexter filming in their neighborhoods, and would let me know in advance when something was about to film there.

    Between those reports, and my own personal reconnaissance around town, by the time the first episode aired, I already knew most (but not all) of the filming locations, and only needed to watch the episodes and match up the scenes with the correct locations.

    This group of helpful fans includes Kerry, Rick, Joel, Geoff, Ellen, Julie, Susan, Jeff, and others. My thanks to all of them.

    This particular tip came from Rick, who spotted them filming on Gordon, and who also sent me the photo above of them shooting there.  (Thanks, Rick!)

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