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The new "Match Game '98" is the fifth incarnation of this veteran TV game show, which has been popping up in one form or another since 1962. You might remember its original version, which was hosted by Gene Rayburn and featured such regulars as Richard Dawson, Rose Marie, Betty White and Charles Nelson Reilly.

This new version is hosted by Michael Burger (formerly the co-host of ABC's a.m. talk show, "Mike & Maty.").

Regular celebrity panelists include the always-tanned George Hamilton ("Love At First Bite"), Nell Carter ("Gimme A Break!"), and Vicki Lawrence ("Mama's Family" & "The Carol Burnett Show").

It's a fairly easy game to play (especially compared to "Jeopardy!") Contestants are given a phrase or sentence with one word missing, such as "apple (blank)," and then try to guess what answer will be given by most of the celebrity panelists. In this case, the best answer might be "apple pie."

But there's a catch. Since the "Match Game" likes to draw laughs from the studio audience, the sentence that you have to match is often a joke, and you are expected to supply what amounts to the punch line. In these instances, it pays to have a good sense of humor. Watch the show until you get the hang of it.

[The show is currently "on hiatus," which means it hasn't been cancelled, but it hasn't been officially renewed either. Stay tuned...]

The show is taped at CBS TV City, near Farmers Market. It airs locally at 3 p.m. on KCBS, Channel 2. To become a contestant on the show (orr if you just want tickets to watch the show), call (310) 255-4700, leave your name, and they'll set up an audition. No doubt they are looking for witty contestants.

(See tips for game show contestants.)

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