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: As of late 2017, news is that the Westside Pavilion mall has been put up for sale. And it seems like it might eventually disappear.

Recently, the mall lost its most prestigious anchor store, Nordstrom, which relocated to the newly-renovated Century City mall. That could prove to be the kiss of death to the Westside Pavilion.

Something similar happened recently to the South Bay Galleria, in Redondo Beach, where their Nordstrom store left and relocated to the nearby Del Amo mall. As a result, the Galleria has fallen on hard times.

And word is that the Westside Pavilion will also lose its Macy's store soon, since Macy's is also opening a new location in the same Century Cityprice space mall, and if it does, it's hard to imagine a mall surviving for long without both of its anchors.

Given the number of upscale competitors on the West L.A. shopping scene, if the mall is sold, the buyer might opt to simply drop out of the mall game, and build something else on that valuable piece of property, such as a high-rise, that would produce more revenue per square foot.

Update 2018: It's now being reported that the mall will be converted into "creative office space", with a small portion retained for entertainment including a movie theatre and restaurants.

But the ultimate fate of the mall will probably be up in the air for a year or two.

Update January 2019:  It is now being reported that Google will take over the empty Westside Pavilion in 2022, after a major renovation that will radically change the former malls look.

The new walls will be mostly glass, there will be a rooftop garden, and the parking building on the south side will be replaced by a landscaped park -like environment for Google employees.

The new name will be "One Westside".

So L.A. can say goodbye to The Westside Pavilion as both the name, and as a shopping destination.

Update December 2023:   It has been reported that the former mall has been bought by UCLA, (the University of California, Los Angeles), the campus of which is located less than two miles north of the Pavilion.
UCLA's plans for the former mall have not yet been announced, but the building has already been gutted and turned into an office center by the former owners.  So it will obviously not be returning to its former life as a shopping center.

I will leave this page (below) up for a while, for anyone who wants to read about the old Westside Pavilion mall..But bear in mind that the article below was written back when the mall was in its prime:

The Westside Pavilion
is a relative newcomer to the L.A. mall scene, arriving in 1985. In that year, its eccentric exterior facade was considered a bit showy by some, with its "Miami Vice" pastels and avant-garde styling. But no one argues that the mall's interior design is the real attraction here.

In a world filled with drab, plain shopping malls, the Westside Pavilion dared to take a chance, and manages to somehow blend a rich Old World ambiance with a California-trendy style all its own.

Designed by the same man who gave us San Diego's famed Horton Plaza and the new Universal CityWalk, the Westwood Pavilion offers the look and feel of an old European street. It features an arching glass skylight roof, old-fashioned globe street lamps, tile floors, and fanciful bridges & walkways spanning its three levels.

By the way, if the mall looks familiar to you, it might be because it was where Alicia Silverstone and her friends went shopping in the 1995 comedy "Clueless." Also, rocker Tom Petty filmed his video "Free Falling" here, while riding the mall's escalators.

Given its proximity to Beverly Hills, it's not surprising that they get their fair share of celebrity shoppers. Michael Jackson, for instance, was spotted here checking out the holograms at a specialty store.

The Westside Pavilion also boasts the busiest, most profitable food court of any mall in L.A.: "The Westside Terrace."

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin were spotted outside the Samuel Goldwyn Pavilion Theatres at the mall, arm in arm, without so much as sunglasses to disguise their identities. The theatres (on the top floor) are notable because the complex showcases 'art-house' films often unavailable elsewhere in the city.

Mimi Rogers comes often to the mall's Nordstrom department store and looks for clothes for her daughter. Teri Garr was seen in Nordstrom's personal shopper department, and rapper "Kid" (from Kid 'N Play) was spotted shopping in the children's shoes department . It has also been rumored that petite Sally Field was shopping in the Nordstrom's boy's department.

In May of 1999, Capt. Kirk himself (William Shatner) showed up at the Waldenbooks in the mall to sign copies of his new book.

In 2007, the mall's west wing (reached from the main mall via a bridge over Westwood Blvd) will become home to the new Landmark Film Center (which they are calling "the largest independent film center in the country"). While the ground floor will contain a number of restaurants, the upper floors will be devoted to theatres showing independent films (as well as popular favorites) on 12 screens, plus a lounge, reserved seating, wide leather rocker seats, a wine bar, and (best of all) no commercials. It will compete with other upscale theatres such as the Arclight and with new theatres at Century City and CityWalk. They will also open the Westside Tavern (on ground level), a new restaurant that will cater to film fans, and even offer three private dining rooms for parties. Parking on the roof will be free (except after premieres, when they'll use the space for after-parties.)

 Getting there: The mall is located in West Los Angeles, about a mile and a half south of the UCLA campus. The original mall is located at the southeast the corner of Pico Boulevard and Westwood Boulevard With the addition of a new outdoor western wing and pedestrian bridge, the mall now spans both sides of Westwood Boulevard. / From Rodeo Drive, take Santa Monica Boulevard southwest (about two and a half miles) to Westwood Boulevard. Turn left (south) on Westwood Boulevard, and go 3/4 of a mile to the mall (at Pico). 

[You can access the mall's official website at: http://www.westsidepavilion.com.]

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