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Seeing Stars: Movie Premiere


ADVISORY: ``Two Weeks Notice'' Los Angeles Premiere,
Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Thursday December 17, 3:18 pm ET
WHAT:   Warner Bros. Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment in
        association with Village Roadshow Pictures and NPV
        Entertainment, presents a Fortis Films Production, the Los
        Angeles premiere of "Two Weeks Notice," a contemporary
        romantic comedy written and directed by MARC LAWRENCE,
        "Two Weeks Notice" is produced by Sandra Bullock. MARY
        McLAGLEN and BRUCE BERMAN serve as the film's executive

        Millionaire George Wade (GRANT) needs a new Chief Counsel.
        The charismatic "public face" of the Wade Corporation, one of
        New York's leading real estate development firms, George has a
        bad habit of hiring attractive female attorneys with dubious
        credentials and sleeping with them...until they make a costly
        mistake and get fired by his stodgy brother Howard (DAVID
        HAIG), the brains behind the business. When Howard demands he
        hire an Ivy League lawyer to serve as Chief Counsel or kiss
        his stock options goodbye, George turns an unexpected
        confrontation with passionate environmentalist advocate Lucy
        Kelson (BULLOCK) into a spontaneous job interview. A brilliant
        Harvard-educated attorney with a strategic mind and a social
        conscience, Lucy has no interest in serving the Wade
        Corporation's agenda -- in fact, she's trying to stop George
        and company from demolishing her neighborhood Community Center
        and building condos on adjacent land. When George promises
        Lucy that he will protect the Community Center and put her in
        charge of distributing Wade Corp.'s discretionary funds to
        charitable causes of her choice, she reluctantly agrees to
        take the job.

WHO:    From the film: Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Alicia Witt and
        Marc Lawrence. They will be joined by Sasha Alexander,
        Kate Bosworth, Portia de Rossi, Johnny Galecki,
        David Hasselhoff, Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Hurley,
        Brooke Langton, Lucy Liu, George Lopez, Demi Moore and
        Rob Reiner.

WHEN:   Wednesday, December 18th
        Arrivals - 6:00PM
        Screening - 7:00PM

WHERE:  Mann Bruin Theater
        961 Broxton Avenue

              --Your Coverage of This Event is Invited--

     Press Credentials Must Be Picked up Outside the Theater after
    4:30 P.M. on the Day of the Event. There Will Be No Exceptions

  "Two Weeks Notice" Opens in Theaters Nationwide December 20, 2002.

     This Film Has Been Rated PG-13 for "Some Sex Related Humor." / AOL Keyword: Two Weeks Notice.

     Warner Bros. Pictures, Burbank
     Dennise Stires 818/954-6277 (Print/Broadcast)
     Michael Taylor 818/954-6585 (Photo)
     Brenda Falitz 818/954-6676 (Online)
     Torry Bruno 310/201-8852 (International)


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