Movie Premiere Press Release - Red Eye


Seeing Stars: Movie Premiere



Fear Takes Flight at the Los Angeles Premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' New Thriller

WHO: Cast Members Rachel McAdams ("Wedding Crashers," "The Notebook"), Cillian Murphy ("Batman Begins," "28 Days Later"), Colby Donaldson ("Survivor: The Australian Outback"), and director Wes Craven with celebrity guests Luke Wilson, Chris Kattan, Orlando Jones, INXS, Gerard Butler, and Jack Scalia, with more to follow ...

WHEN: Thursday, August 4th, 2005
              6:45pm press set-up
              7:30pm arrivals
              8:00pm screening begins

WHERE: Mann Bruin Theater
               948 Broxton, Westwood

CONTACT: In order to cover you MUST contact

   Michelle Miner (Broadcast)                      Cortney Mackin (International)
         T: 818-695-9951                                        T: 818-695-9245

     Kristin Cosmai (Print)                                   Jason Alex (Online)
        T: 818-695-7833                                       T: 818-695-6183

                  Henrik Knudsen (Stills) T: 818-695-5121

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