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Monday October 15, 1:57 pm Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: New Line Cinema

ADVISORY/Los Angeles Premiere for ``Life as a House'' Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2001

  • WHAT:   Academy Award-winner Kevin Kline stars as George Monroe, a
            middle-aged architect who is confronted with life-changing
            news and seizes the opportunity to begin living on his own
            terms. In the process of changing himself, those he was
            previously alienated from, including his ex-wife (Kristin
            Scott Thomas) and troubled teenage son (Hayden Christensen --
            who will be seen next summer as the young Anakin Skywalker in
            "Star Wars: Episode II"), begin gravitating back to him,
            only to find their own lives affected in the most unexpected
            A poignant, multi-layered, often humorous portrait of one
            fractured family's re-discovery of what it was they once
            shared together, "Life as a House" features a stellar ensemble
            cast that also includes Mary Steenburgen, Jena Malone, Sam
            Robards, Scott Bakula and Jamey Sheridan. Directed by Irwin
            Winkler, the film is written by Mark Andrus and produced by
            Winkler and Rob Cowan.
    WHO:    From the film: Kevin Kline, Hayden Christensen, Mary
            Steenburgen, Jena Malone, Jamey Sheridan, Scott Bakula, Sam
            Robards, director/producer Irwin Winkler and producer Rob
            Guests: to be announced
    WHEN:   Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2001
            Press Check-In: 5:45 p.m.
            Arrivals: 6:30 p.m.
            Screening: 7:30 p.m.
    WHERE:  Screening: The Egyptian
                       Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre
                       6712 Hollywood Boulevard
                        TV & PHOTO COVERAGE IS INVITED
                             Credentials Required
                    To RSVP and for additional information,
                  contact Jeff Chiaravanont at 310/967-6572.
                               "LIFE AS A HOUSE"
           Opens in select cities (including LA & NY) Oct. 26, 2001
                         Opens nationwide Nov. 9, 2001


         New Line Cinema, Los Angeles
         Jeff Chiaravanont, 310/967-6572

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