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Wednesday July 26, 6:11 pm Eastern Time

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ADVISORY/World Premiere of Columbia Pictures' ``Hollow Man'' to be held Wednesday, August 2

The world premiere of Columbia Pictures' ``Hollow Man'' will be held on Wednesday, August 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mann Village Theatre, 961 Broxton Avenue in Westwood, with a party immediately following at ``The Hollow Man Laboratory,'' 1031 Broxton, Westwood.

Attending from the film will be Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon, Josh Brolin, Kim Dickens, Greg Grunberg, Joey Slotnick, Mary Randle, director Paul Verhoeven, producers Douglas Wick and Alan Marshall, screenwriter Andrew W. Marlowe, executive producer Marion Rosenberg, co-producer Stacy Lumbrezer, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, editor Mark Goldblatt, and composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Other celebrities expected to attend are:

    Christina Applegate
    Amy Brenneman
    Sheryl Crow
    Joseph Lawrence
    Camryn Manheim
    Kyra Sedgwick
    Christian Slater
    Luke Wilson
    Owen Wilson

At a top secret military lab, a group of brilliant young scientists have just unlocked the secret of invisibility. In ``Hollow Man,'' the provocative new suspense thriller from the mind of controversial director Paul Verhoeven (``RoboCop,'' ``Total Recall,'' ``Basic Instinct''), the team's arrogant leader, Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon), ignores the risks and decides to test the dangerous procedure on himself -- only to discover his fellow scientists (Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin) are unable to reverse the effect. Working around the clock, Caine's colleagues struggle to devise an antidote. But Sebastian's intoxication with his new-found power is growing, and he's come to believe his colleagues may be a threat to his very existence.

Columbia Pictures' ``Hollow Man'' is a Douglas Wick Production of A Paul Verhoeven Film. It is directed by Verhoeven from a story by Gary Scott Thompson and Andrew W. Marlowe and a screenplay by Marlowe. The ambitious, innovative project is produced by Douglas Wick and Alan Marshall. Starring as the three key scientists in the clandestine government experiment are Academy Award nominee Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon and Josh Brolin. Kim Dickens, Greg Grunberg, Joey Slotnick, Mary Randle and veteran actor William Devane also star.

The brilliant creative team includes director of photography Jost Vacano, A.S.C., production designer Allan Cameron, editor Mark Goldblatt, A.C.E., senior visual effects supervisor Scott E. Anderson, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick and composer Jerry Goldsmith.

The screenplay, and Paul Verhoeven, demanded extraordinary visual effects worthy of the new millennium. The challenge required the services of two premier digital production companies: Sony Pictures Imageworks (under the supervision of Scott E. Anderson) and The Tippett Studio (providing a team headed by Craig Hayes), which previously shared an Academy Award nomination for Verhoeven's ``Starship Troopers.'' Also deeply involved in creating movie magic were Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. of Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., designers and creators of the prosthetic and mask effects.

``Hollow Man'' in theaters Friday, August 4.


Columbia Pictures
Tammy Sandler, 310/244-8099 (domestic press)
Amy Tesser, 310/244-5495 (international press)

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