Spread (2009) - Filming Locations (part 2)

The actual Southern California locations where the
2009 Ashton Kutcher movie
"SPREAD" was filmed.

Part 2

    Homeless and desperate for money, Nikki goes to a used clothing store and tries to sell his expensive
    sweater, but only gets offered a petty sum for it. Outside the store, he vents his frustration.

    This scene was shot at The Studio Wardrobe Department, a vintage clothing store at
    1357 NHighland Ave, in Hollywood., at the southwest corner of Highland & De Longpre.

    (Here's a Google StreetView panorama of the store.)


    Nikki winds up at a cheap motel, where he watches two kids play with a toy truck in an empty swimming pool,
    while thinking about how reality compares with his Van Halen fantasies of what life would be like in Hollywood.

    That motel is the Saharan Motor Hotel, at 7212 WSunset Blvd, in Hollywood.

    That's at the northeast corner of Sunset & Alta Vista, and is right next to the strip club.

    (Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the motel.)

    (The motel has its own website at www.saharanhotel.com)


    Looking to get back on his feet (via hustling, as usual) Nikki arrives the pool area of an upscale, high-rise hotel,
    and makes a less-than-subtle move on a middle-aged woman sunbathing by the pool. Just when he seems
    to be getting somewhere, he looks over and sees Heather watching him from another deck chair.
    He stops his foreplay, and he & Heather soon wind up in the pool together.

    This scene was shot at the Century Plaza Hotel at 2025 Avenue of the Stars, in Century City.

    To be more precise, it was filmed at the pool in the back (on the hotel's west side).

    (Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the hotel.)

    (The Century Plaza has its own website at www.centuryplaza.hyatt.com)


    The two hustlers (Nikki & Heather) team up at a club, where Nikki helps Heather pick up a rich man.

    As they walk outside the club, he asks for a cut (effectively moving from male whore to pimp).

    Although you might not immediately recognize it, this is the same club seen at the start of the
    movie (where Nikki meets Samantha.)  It's Marbella, at 6757 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood.

    Afterward, we see them walking away from the club, heading east on the north side of Hollywood Blvd.
    That McDonald's seen behind them is at 6776 Hollywood Blvd.

    (Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the club.)

    (The club has its own website at www.marbellala.com)


    Here is a Google StreetView panorama, matching the street scene below.

    We next see Nikki & Heather dining in a nice restaurant, when he is suddenly approached by a girl who
    has obviously slept with him before - but he can't even remember her name. She leaves in a huff.

    Heather then plants "garbage" on his plate, so they can get out of paying the bill.

    That restaurant is Belle Cucina Italiana, at 1708 NLas Palmas Ave, in Hollywood.
    It's at the northeast corner of Hollywood Blvd & Las Palmas, just west of Musso & Frank.

    (Not coincidentally, it is one of chain of Dolce Group restaurants owned in part by Ashton Kutcher.)

    Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the restaurant.)


    We then get a musical montage of Nikki & Heather having sex on the beach, as they actually begin to fall in love.

    This was filmed on Dockweiler State Beach, hidden away behind LAX airport and the Hyperion plant,
    at approximately 12000 Vista Del Mar, in the Playa Del Rey area (south of Marina Del Rey).

    The photo above shows two tall smokestacks; they are part of the Hyperion wastewater treatment plant.

    (Here is a very foggy Google StreetView panorama of those two smokestacks and the beach.)


    As their relationship matures, we see Nikki & Heather sharing a small, blue house.
    It's here that she tells him she loves him. But he refuses to say it back, so she leaves.

    You'll find that house at 1601 NSierra Bonita Ave, in Hollywood.
    (at the northwest corner of Sierra Bonita & Hawthorne).

    (Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the house.)

    [ Warning: this is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
    knock on their door, or do anything else that might disturb the residents
    . ]


    While Heather is away, we see Nikki sitting at a table at a sidewalk cafe.
    A girl at another table flirts with him, but for once Nikki decides not to give in to temptation.
    Instead, he walks around the corner and buys a newspaper, so he can find an honest job.

    That sidewalk cafe is the King's Road Cafe, at 8361 Beverly Blvd, in West Hollywood.
    (It's at the northwest corner of Kings Road & Beverly Blvd, a few blocks west of the Beverly Center mall.)

    His table is actually on the Beverly Blvd side. Later, he walks around the corner, onto King's Road,
    and buys the newspaper at the northeast corner of those two streets.

    (Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the cafe.)

    (The cafe has its own website at www.kingsroadcafe.com)


    With Heather still in New York, Nikki picks up a drunk girl at a market, and on the way home in her car,
    she has to throw up, so Nikki pulls the car over to the side of the road. While she's out of the car, he gets
    a phone call from Heather, and as he's talking to her, the girl returns to the car. Heather hears that
    he's with another girl - effectively dooming any chance he had of getting back together with her.

    They filmed that scene on the Bronson Avenue overpass of the Hollywood (101) Freeway,
    at approximately 1780 N. Bronson
    . The sidewalk is on the east side of Bronson.

    (Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the area.)


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