Speed: Filming Locations - part 6


Actual Southern California locations where 1994's
"Speed" was filmed.

With the bus drama over, the action shifts back to the Pershing Square area of downtown L.A.,
where the police are waiting to nab the bad guy (Dennis Hopper) when he tries to pick up his
money, which he has instructed them to leave in a trash can at a corner of Pershing Square.

We see part of the downtown L.A. skyline in the photo above.
This shot was taken looking north/northeast from Pershing Square (on S. Olive Street).

          • What appears to be two brown buildings in the lower right corner of the photo is actually
            the venerable Biltmore Hotel (at 506 S. Olive St.)

          • The tall, blue tower in the center is the California Plaza (at 350 S. Grand Ave.)

          • The brown building left of it is the KMPG tower (at 355 S. Grand Ave,
            part of Wells Fargo Plaza.)

          • and the odd-shaped spire to the left is a microwave telecommunications tower
            on the roof of the PacBell Tower (420 S. Grand Ave.)

In the photo below, we get a better view of the Biltmore Hotel, as police scramble.

As Keanu and the other police set up positions around the Pershing Square drop-off location,
Sandra watches from across the street. That turns out to be a bad idea. A uniformed
policeman shows up and says he's been sent by Keanu to take her somewhere safe.
That "policeman" turns out to be the bad guy (Dennis Hopper) in disguise.
But not knowing that, Sandra goes with him, and ends up being taken hostage.
The shot above is looking northwest up W. 5th Street, towards Pershing Square & the Biltmore,
with Sandra standing just south/southeast of the eastern corner of W. 5th & S. Hill Streets.

Keanu and the other police have set up their stake-out / surveillance post inside a nearby
barber shop. These barbershop scenes were shot inside a storefront on the northeast
side of W. 5th Street
, between Hill Street & Broadway - just southeast of the
corner of 5th St & Hill St, in downtown L.A.)

That's right next door to (southeast of) a corner Subway sandwich shop
that can be seen in the film.  *

Realizing that Hopper has somehow gotten the money (despite their stakeout), Keanu
springs into action and goes running from the barber shop, out to Pershing Square.

In the photo above, we see Keanu running west across Hill Street, from the
east corner of W. 5th Street & S. Hill Street., heading to Pershing Square.

(The Subway sandwich store you see behind him is located at 458 S. Hill Street.)
The photo below shows the same location of 5th & Hill, but with the camera looking in the
opposite direction (west), showing the corner of Pershing Square, with the Biltmore behind it.

*  Locations marked by an asterisk (*) may be located in high-crime areas.
Exercise reasonable caution.


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