Part 2

The Actual Southern California Locations
where 2008's "Hancock" was filmed.

Hancock goes into a liquor store at night and stumbles into a robbery-in-progress. He foils the robber
(using a candy bar), but is shot in the process, and is surprised to find himself bleeding.

The sign on the building read "The Liquor Stop", but that sign was fake.
 This is actually the Hollywood Bazaar Food Market, a mini-mart at 6689 Hollywood Blvd,
the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd & Las Palmas Ave, in Hollywood.

(That's just two blocks east of the Hollywood & Highland fight scene.)


Hancock is rushed to a hospital, where he finds that both he and his super-ex are losing their powers,
as a result of their close proximity, and will die soon if they stay together. So, making an effort to
put space between them, he leaps out the window of the hospital and bounds off down the street.

This jumping scene was filmed on 1st Street (AKA Tom Bradley Blvd) in downtown L.A.,
with Hancock heading west/northwest on 1st.

The building we see as the Mercy General hospital exterior (above) is actually the CalTrans District Headquarters.
Its address is 100 S. Main Street, but he jumps out of its north side, which faces 1st Street.


As he bounds off, we also glimpse the L.A. Times Building (below).  You'll find it at 202 W1st Street,
but we see the east side facing Spring Street. He's still heading west/NW on 1st Street (Tom Bradley Blvd)

The final shot shows Ray and his wife walking near the beach at night, a Ferris wheel visible in
the distance, as they look up and see that Hancock has prepared a lunar surprise for them.

This was shot just south of the Santa Monica Pier. You'll find it at the west end of Colorado Ave,
in Santa Monica. The Ferris wheel is part of the Pacific Park amusement park, near the end of the pier.

(The camera is looking back towards the northwest.) You'll find the park's website at


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