That matchbook leads the bad guys to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,
located at
7000 Hollywood Boulevard. Above, we see the neon sign
on the hotel roof. Below, we see the hotel's lobby and elevator.

(However, they cheated a bit here, substituted the lobby of the old
Ambassador Hotel, at 3400 Wilshire Blvd., for some of the shots.)

The big fight at the end begins on the roof of the El Capitan Theatre,
6838 Hollywood Boulevard. In the photo below, you can see the
Hollywood-Highland project across the street, including the
Renaissance Hotel
and the Babylon Arch. Most of these scenes,
however, were shot on a set built to resemble the El Capitan rooftop.

Demi Moore tries to escape by leaping from the roof of the El Capitan (right)
and gliding down to
Hollywood Boulevard below, with the Angels hot on her
trail - they swing down on strands of theatre lights. (We are looking east in
this photo, towards the corner of Hollywood & Highland.)

But then (in a twist that will leave savvy Los Angelenos shaking their heads),
Demi and the Angels alight on the ground, they are no longer on
Hollywood Boulevard, but are suddenly on south
Broadway, in the historic
theatre district, which is 7 miles away (to the southeast)
in downtown L.A.!

We can see, during the car chase, the Orpheum Theatre, which is located at
842 S. Broadway. Chances are that the producers thought that most
movie-goers wouldn't notice that it wasn't really Hollywood Boulevard, since
Broadway is lined with old theatres.

And the final showdown (between Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore)
stays on Broadway. In fact, it takes place on the gilded stage of the
fanciest old theatre in Los Angeles, the
Los Angeles Theatre,
located at
615 S. Broadway. The Los Angeles Theatre was built
in 1931, and was also the location for Jim Carrey's "Man on the Moon".

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