Charlie's Angels Filming Locations - part 4


This one was tricky to find, but fortunately, I recognized it.
The hamburger stand where the girls drive through for burgers (while
their computer gadgets tell them about the bad guys) is actually an
Foster Freeze ice cream stand in old town Torrance, located
1624 Cravens Ave, in Torrance, CA.

(They added a big burger to the roof for the shot, and they repainted
the surrounding walls in bright colors. Don't expect to see either
the burger or the blue & yellow walls if you drive by...)

It's just a few blocks from the high school (Torrance High) used as 'Sunnydale High' in
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and from the residential house used as Buffy's home.
In fact, they filmed a scene from "Buffy" in the Foster's parking lot
(Season 1, Episode 7), where Angel rescues her from vampires.

The Townsend Agency, the familiar brick building in the TV series, was
actually located at
189 Robertson Blvd., at the southwest corner of
Robertson Blvd and Clifton Way, in
Beverly Hills.

Since they planned to blow this one up for the movie, though,
it was a replica set built at the studio.

[ When ABC remade the TV series in 2011, they inexplicably relocated
the Townsend Agency to Miami Beach!  And instead of brick, they used
this white Art Deco building at 425 Ocean Drive (StreetView). ]

"The Chad was great!"  This second tugboat scene, where the girls get
ready to invade the bad guy's fortress, was shot in a cove off of
Palos Verdes.

This is the bad guy's fortress, where they were holding the kidnapped Bosley.
It's supposed to be in Carmel, but it's not. The cliff you see here is actually
Long Point, the former site of the old
Marineland of the Pacific aquatic theme park
(where they used to shoot the TV series "Sea Hunt"). The park closed long ago,
and the hilltop is now used for a lot of filming because of the ocean view (parts of
"Pirates of the Caribbean" were also shot here). The fortress in this shot is a
matte painting, superimposed on the actual hill, which is located at
6610 Palos Verdes Drive South, in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

The fortress itself was a mix of sets at Sony Studios in Culver City,
L.A. Center Studios in downtown, matte drawings, and a set built
at the actual Palos Verdes location.

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