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8752 W. Sunset Blvd. (at Sierra Drive)
West Hollywood, CA. / (310) 289-5085

Alas, this Kenneth Cole store on Sunset has gone out of business,
and surprisingly, the celebrity footprints in cement are gone as well.
As of late 2008, the building currently sits vacant on Sunset.

I will leave this page up for a while, for those interested in reading
about the prints. But bear in mind that the article below was written
while the store was still open and the footprints were still there.

It's not exactly the Chinese Theatre, but quite a few stars have left their footprints in cement outside an unlikely spot: a West Hollywood shoe store on the Sunset Strip.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Gere are only two of the celebrities to do so. So did Rosie O'Donnell, Leeza Gibbons, Julianne Phillips, June Bellefonte and the late Elizabeth Glasser. The owner donates money to an AIDS charity on the birthdays of those celebrities who have left their mark.


One difference here: the celebrities all went into the wet cement barefoot!

Celebrities shop here as well. Cosmo reports that Tori Spelling bought a pair of sandals here in every color. Lisa Kudrow bought their demiboots. Other star customers have included Brooke Shields and Kathy Griffin.(Brooke's friend 'Vicki' on "Suddenly Susan.")

(As a footnote, Nick Zano, of "MTV Movie House", who plays 'Vince' in the Amanda Bynes TV series "What I Like About You", was working at Kenneth Cole when he was discovered.)

 Getting there: You'll find the shop on the south side of Sunset Boulevard, just east of Spago, between Horn Avenue and Alta Loma Road. Look for the black awning outside - the footprints are on the plaza underneath.

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