Roswell Alley near the Sheriff Station (photo)

Photos of the real
the actual shooting locations in Covina, California
where the TV series "Roswell" was filmed.

This is an the west wall of the Roswell "Sheriff Station," as seen from an alley
on the west side of the "station". Actually, since Covina doesn't have a sheriff's station,
this is the Covina City Hall. It's located at 125 E. College Street, just east of Citrus.

However, look closely and you'll notice that the words "Sheriff's Dept. Deliveries"
are still stenciled on the wall here. Above it, you will see a window which
'Michael Guerin' crawled through on one episode of "Roswell."
(Click here for a better view of the building.)

A Map of the "Roswell" sites in Covina
(click on the numbers below to see photos of the locations)


1. The UFO Center.
2. Crashdown.
3. The Sheriff Station.
4. The park.
5. Max & Isabel's home.

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