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300 S. Doheny Drive,
Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, CA. / 310-273-2222

When stars are in town on junkets, doing publicity interviews to hype their latest movie, many of them reserve a suite on the top floor of the spectacular Four Seasons Hotel where they can hold court for the press in style.

Among the many stars spotted at the Four Seasons over the years were Britney Spears, Lauren Bacall, Sandra Bullock ("Speed"), Pierce Brosnan ('James Bond'), George Clooney & Chris O'Donnell ("Batman & Robin"), Al Pacino ("The Devil's Advocate"), Anthony Hopkins ("Silence of the Lambs"), Alicia Silverstone ("Clueless"), Billy Bob Thorton ("Sling Blade"), Jamie Lee Curtis ("Halloween"), Hugh Grant ("Three Weddings & A Funeral"), Morgan Freeman ("Se7en"), John Mayer, Mike Meyers ("Wayne's World"), Kim Basinger ("L.A. Confidential"), Lena Olin ("The Unbearable Lightness of Being"), Josh Groban, Barbara Hershey ("Beaches "), Penny Marshall ("Laverne & Shirley"), Steve Martin ("Father of the Bride"), Robert Duvall ("Gone in 60 Seconds"), Matthew Perry ("Friends"), director Rob Reiner, Dreamworks' mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, and comedian Chris Rock. A few years back, the late Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau ("The Odd Couple") were here as well.John Mayer, Josh Groban

It was here at the Four Seasons that Mel Gibson was talked into doing "Hamlet" by director Franco Zeffirelli (Mel was back more recently, doing press interviews for "The Passion"). It was over lunch here that John Travolta first met "Pulp Fiction" director Quentin TarantinoPaula Abdul got married at the Four Seasons in 1996 (her wedding guests included Rosie O'Donnell, Magic Johnson, Rod Stewart, Boys II Men, and Brandy).

In 1996, a year and a half before his death, Frank Sinatra celebrated his 80th birthday at the Four Seasons. He and Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Robert Wagner, Jill St. John and Tony Bennett gathered around the piano and sung the old tunes.

TV's "Hercules," Kevin Sorbo and his bride (Sam Jenkins) had their wedding reception at the Four Seasons in January of 1998 (following a wedding in Pacific Palisades).

On the night of the 1999 Oscars, Stevie Wonder (who was there celebrating with friends) gave an impromptu 45-minute concert at the hotel's Windows bar. Jessica Lange, Sigourney Weaver and director Sydney Pollack were all spotted in the hotel lobby on the same day.

One report says that actress Renée Zellweger was walking through the hotel lobby when she was mistaken for a waitress by a group of businessmen. She reportedly played along, took their order, served them drinks and accepted a tip (which she gave to the actual waitress).

The hotel has even been in the movies. In the 1999 comedy, "The Muse," Albert Brooks has to placate his spoiled muse (Sharon Stone) by getting her a suite at the Four Seasons.

And Jim Carrey did his best to imitate the antics of the late Andy Kaufman in December of 1999, when he staged a mock brawl during a press conference held at the hotel before the premiere of "Man on the Moon."

In 2000, Christian Slater married Ryan Haddon, at the Four Seasons.

The hotel's Garden restaurant is a power-breakfast spot, and its Windows Lounge is also a popular hangout for local celebs. Rooms at this posh, five diamond-rated hotel rent from $525 to $635 a night (plus fees), with suites costing much more.

The modern, 16-story hotel has 285 rooms, including 106 suites. The lobby is a mixture of sleek modern design and lush Asian tapestries. All rooms have balconies with a view of the city, and the hotel provides 24-hour room service and free limo service.

 Getting there: The Four Seasons is located just beyond the Beverly Hills city limit (literally across the street from Beverly Hills), at the northwest corner of Doheny Drive & Burton Way (between Wilshire Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd.). From Rodeo Drive, just go north to little Santa Monica Blvd., turn right (east), where it becomes Burton Way. Go about ten blocks east to Doheny.

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