This establishing shot of the real Orange County was first seen on "The O.C."
Episode 15 (of season two) - "The Mallpisode"

We are looking southwest, across the narrow channel that runs between the north side of Balboa Island
and mainland Newport. In this photo, Balboa Island is to the left (south), while the mainland is to the right (north).

It's a popular past time for tourists visiting Balboa Island to stroll the sidewalk along the island's south coast,
leading from the Balboa Ferry landing down to Marine Avenue, the only commercial street on the island
(and where you can buy those 'Balboa bars' mentioned on the show). Not as many visitors ever bother
to check out the island's other (north) side - but this is what we see here. A bridge to the mainland
spans this channel just to the east (but the Balboa Ferry is a much more fun way to reach the island).


Important:  These "establishing shots" of Orange County are not locations where The O.C. is actually filmed.
The O.C. is not really filmed in Orange County - it is filmed in Los Angeles County. These "establishing shots"
are brief aerial snapshots of actual Orange County locations, which the producers drop into the show to add color and
to help create the illusion that we are seeing the real Orange County. I have included this list of their "establishing shots"
to supplement the main list of actual filming locations. You can tell the difference by color: the actual filming location
pages are gold, while the "establishing shot" pages are blue.

To see a list of the L.A. locations where The O.C. is actually filmed,
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