Roswell Filming Locations (photos)

Note: these are the filming locations for the original "Roswell" series, which aired from 1999 to 2002.  If you are looking for the locations of the new reboot series (known as "Roswell, New Mexico"), I managed to find those too.  Just click here to see them.

Photos of the real
the actual shooting locations in Covina, California
where the TV series "Roswell" was filmed.

(Click on the small images below for larger versions of the photos,
as well as full descriptions and addresses of the locales.)

The UFO Center/Museum

The Crashdown Cafe

            Max & Isabel Evans' home                                                             The park                             

The Roswell Sheriff Station

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A Map of the "Roswell" sites in Covina
(click on the numbers below to see photos of the locations)


1. The UFO Center.
2. Crashdown.
3. The Sheriff Station.
4. The park.
5. Max & Isabel's home.

"So where the heck is Covina?" you might ask.
Well, if you've ever been out to the L.A. County Fair in Pomona, CA
you've probably driven right past Covina without realizing it.
Just take the 10 Freeway to the Citrus Ave. offramp and go north a few blocks.
(To get your bearings, click here to see a Yahoo map of the entire Covina area.)

Note: the signs you see from the TV show (such as the Crashdown
and UFO Center signs) are gone now that the show is off the air.
But most of the buildings themselves still stand. You can find their exact addresses by clicking on the small photos above.

However, I'm told that the UFO Center building has been torn down.

The building that served as the Crashdown diner is still standing and has re-opened as an actual restaurant. So you now have a chance to have a meal inside the original "Crashdown".

The new restaurant is called the "Casa Moreno Mexican Grill" -
it's located at 223 N. Citrus Avenue. It's open for lunch and dinner,
and offers a menu of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc.
Here is a link to the Cafe's official website.

Here is a photo of what the "Crashdown" looked like a few
years ago when it housed another restaurant, named
"The Citrus Grill":

(Courtesy of Covina resident Ryal Haakenson)

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