Charlie's Angels Filming Locations - part 3


The race car scenes (where Red Star premieres its new race car, and where the chase begins)
were shot at an actual race track,
California Speedway, located at 9300 Cherry Ave.
in Fontana, California (about 15 miles east of Pomona).

In a move that is hilarious to anyone familiar with L.A. geography, the chase
that starts out in Fontana quickly leads to the
Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro
- a good 65 miles away. (You are looking east in the photo above.)

At the Vincent Thomas bridge, a game of "chicken" develops between
the two race cars, and the bad guy plunges over the side into the channel.)

We are looking southwest in the photo above. The hill behind the bridge is
Palos Verdes peninsula. The gray ship below the bridge (which looks
like it's about to be hit by the falling car) is the real
SS Lane Victory, a
historic WW2 Merchant Marine ship that is open for public tours.

For the "Soul Train" scenes, where Cameron Diaz gets up and dances,
the producers went to the actual "Soul Train" set, which happens to
be at
Paramount Studios, at 5555 Melrose Ave. in Hollywood.
The scene above is an "alley" between sound stages at Paramount.

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