Star Trek Voyager - Filming Locations
Part 2

 The Southern California locations where
the Star Trek: Voyager
two-part episode

(Season 3, Episodes 8 & 9)
Future's End
was filmed.

Part 2: 1:00: As the second half of this two-part episode begins, we see Tuvok, Paris and Rain stopping
for lunch in a park, while Paris attempts to jerry-rig Rain's car radio, in hopes of contacting Voyager.

But he's not having much luck, and Rain continues to be suspicious and ask questions.

lunch at Paramount 

I can tell from the buildings and the hedges that this was shot (outside) at Paramount Studios.

The sight of a bubbling fountain, behind Rain, leads me to suspect it was shot right outside the
studio's historic Bronson Gate (where you will indeed find a fountain, as well as similar hedges).

I believe they are on a patch of lawn just a few yards southwest of that fountain,
south of a broad, tiled walkway known as both Marathon Street & Valentino Place
(with the view of that historic gate conveniently blocked by a hot dog cart).

[ If so, the camera in the screenshot above is looking north. ]

Paramount Studio's official address is 5555 Melrose Ave, in Hollywood.
But you'll find their old Bronson Gate just north of where Melrose Ave meets Bronson Ave.

Here is a Google StreetView of the Gate and its fountain.


12:00: After another visit to the Observatory, Tuvok and Paris manage to contact Voyager,
where Captain Janeway has already returned.  They concoct a plan to kidnap Starling
and stop him from making a trip in the time ship that would destroy the solar system.

They have Rain phone Starling and tell him to come and pick her up, planning
to beam him away as soon as he gets to her van.

Rain phones Starling

In the screencap above, they are standing on the east steps of the Los Angeles Music Center,
at 135 N Grand Ave, in downtown Los Angeles.  Those steps lead up from Grand Avenue
to the main plaza between the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Mark Taper Forum.

[In the screencap, the camera is looking south, towards the Pavilion.]

(Here is a Google StreetView of those steps.)

However, the following scene, when Starling shows up in his limo (with the holographic doctor
as his hostage), was shot on the other (west) side of the Music Center, on Hope Street.

In the screencap below, the camera is looking east (towards Grand Ave), across the
Music Center plaza, with its well-known fountains and its "Peace on Earth" sculpture.
(Behind the fountains, you can glimpse Los Angeles City Hall in the background.)

Doctor and Starling at Music Center

(Here is a Bing StreetSide view matching the view.)


24:00: After they have captured Starling, there is a scene with Rain, Paris, Tuvok and the Doctor
all driving in her van, as Rain questions why the holographic Doctor doesn't show any damage
after he had been punched in the face several times by Starling's henchman.

The first shot of this scene was filmed on Melrose Avenue (but miles east of that original Melrose scene).

In the screencap above, the van is headed west on Melrose, while the camera looks southeast.

That large building on the right is Raleigh Studios, at 5300 Melrose Ave, in Hollywood
(right across the street from Paramount Studios.)

The tall, pointed-roof brownstone, farther away, is the Hollywood Historic Hotel, at 5162 Melrose.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of that part of the street.


The scene then switches to a residential neighborhood. That same neighborhood is shown again at
the 30-minute point, after
Tuvok gets a call from Janeway, telling him that he and the Doctor need
to go to Arizona, while Paris & Rain continue on (in the van) back to the ChronoWerks building.

30:00: Another driving scene in the van, with Paris & Rain, in the residential neighborhood.

This driving scene was shot in Hancock Park, on S. Larchmont Blvd, between 1st Street & 3rd Street.

During the filming, they drove up & down the same street several times, then spliced those shots together -
so sometimes they are heading north on Larchmont, and the next moment they are heading south...

At one point, you see a Japanese-style house (with a blue bridge in the yard) outside of Rain's window
and a second later that same house appears outside of Paris's window.

That house (seen in the screencap above) is located at 201 S. Larchmont,
at the southwest corner of 3rd Street & Larchmont
.  (The blue bridge is now painted red.)

Here's a Google StreetView of the house.


32:00: Rain
& Paris pull over and park in the van, and Rain basically asks Paris out on a date, which he
tries to politely decline.  He is saved by the bell when an alarm goes off, signaling tachyon emissions.
He looks up to see a large truck pulling away, and realizes they are moving the time-ship.

The shot above is looking southwest down Hope Street.

They are basically right where Starling parked his limo before,
on the east side of the Music Center, around 250 N. Hope.

(Here is a matching Google StreetView panorama of the same view.)


However, the very brief shot of the truck was definitely shot somewhere else.

( It looks like it might be the Dodger Stadium parking lot, but I'm not sure.)

35:00: They end up chasing the truck (with the time-ship inside) through the Arizona desert.

Only it isn't really Arizona. This scene was shot on 30th Street
West, near Lancaster, CA,
(out in the Mojave Desert) in the Antelope Valley - about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

TIn the screencap above, the camera is looking north, and the truck
is headed south on W. 30th Street,
just north of Avenue C

Here is a matching Google StreetView.


I probably would have been stumped on this one, but fortunately, in the next shot,
the truck makes a left turn, right past a stop/street sign that reads "30th Street West":

And here's a StreetView of that same (leaning) stop sign.

The truck is destroyed by the shuttlecraft, but they discover that it was empty - and that
the time-ship was actually still back at ChronoWerks.  Starling soon launches it:

We're back at the Metro/MTA building, at One Gateway Plaza, in downtown Los Angeles.

The rest of the episode takes place back in space, aboard Voyager.

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