This is US - filming locations

The actual locations where TV's "This is Us" was shot.

The Pool

This large swimming pool is the location that dominates Episode 4,
which is titled simply: "The Pool".

In the episode, the Pierson family spends the day at a public pool
(back when the trio were young kids).

A series of minor crises erupt around various members of the family. Little Kate is shunned by the local mean girls because she's plump. Young Kevin feels neglected by his father. And Rebecca gets into an spat with an African-American woman who
offers her unsolicited advice about how to raise her adopted black son.

This proved to be the most challenging filming location for me to track down.

Assuming initially that the pool was in Los Angeles, I spent days looking
 at public pools and pools at L.A. high schools & colleges, but found
 nothing that matched

Later, I discovered they had shot the scene somewhere in Long Beach
(thanks to finding an interview with the cast about filming the episode).

But where in Long Beach?  That became the question.

My hunch was that it was at a high school or college, but I checked
every such pool in the Long Beach area, and came up with empty.

I eventually got desperate enough to email my pal at the Long Beach
, columnist Tim Grobaty, to see if he recognized it.
But as luck would have it, shortly after I sent him that email,
I finally found it on my own.

How? I changed tactics, stopped looking at aerial views of Long Beach
pools, and instead just Googled "This Is Us, "Pool, Long Beach"
and on the very first page of search results, I found my answer.

It turns out that the scene was filmed at the swimming pool of
  The Petroleum Club,  a private club
located at
3636 Linden Avenue,
on the northwest side of
Long Beach, CA.

(For those who don't know Southern California well, Long Beach
is a large coastal city about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.)

Those search results turned up a page where the club boasted about
"This is Us" being filmed at their pool.  So all I had to do was take
a look at a Google Earth view of the pool to be 100% sure.

The club was built back in 1957, and its name comes from the
vital role that the discovery of oil played in history of Long Beach.

Here is a Google StreetView of the Petroleum Club:
(the pool isn't visible from the outside, it's actually
hidden behind those trees on the right side.)


And to add a little irony, I already knew about this Petroleum Club pool,
because I had found it years ago when I tracked down the location of a
scene from a 2010 episode of Dexter, in which the pool is supposed
to be the swimming pool at Dexter's apartment complex in Miami.

The reason I didn't recognize it is that the Dexter scene didn't show
very much of the pool; most of it was filmed with Dexter underwater.

( For the record, Tim Grobaty did indeed recognize the pool, since it turns out
that his parents were club members.  He was just about to tell me when
I emailed him again to let him know that I had found it on my own
a case of bad timing which left Tim feeling rightly disappointed. )

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    The actual locations where TV's "This is Us" was shot.

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