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The actual locations where TV's "This is Us" was shot.


"Froggy's" is the local bar/hangout where, in Episode 5 "(The Game"),
Rebecca gets to sing on stage before the game,

...and where Jack & Rebecca go to watch the Steelers in the 1980 Superbowl.

During that game, the couple gets into an argument about having children,
Jack punches out a guy who complains about their noisy arguing...

...and, ironically, they later  accidentally conceive the triplets
in Froggy's restroom, while having make-up sex.

This is a real bar, but it's not called "Froggy's".

In real life, it's Godmother's Saloon.
You'll find it at
302 W. 7th Street
, in San Pedro, CA.

(That's at the southwest corner of 7th & Centre Streets, down by
the L.A. Harbor, at the southernmost end of Los Angeles.)

The bar features a definite nautical decor, with the walls full of
ship's wheels, carved figureheads, mounted marlins, and the like.

And yes, it does indeed have a stage for singers & bands,
so there's a lot of live music on a regular basis.

Here is a photo of Godmother's real-life interior:

Here is a Google StreetView of the bar:

I was familiar with Godmother's Saloon long before this show.
It's a popular filming location, and I first ran across it when
it turned up in Season 3 of Dexter as  the "Blue Room" bar.

And since then it also showed up in Rosewood.

(You'll find their Facebook page here.)

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    The actual locations where TV's "This is Us" was shot.

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