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Teen Wolf Filming Locations

     The actual locations where the TV show Teen Wolf is filmed

The Park Swimming Pool

In Episode 3 of Season 3 ("Fireflies"), Lydia heads out to the store at night, but
somehow ends up instead at a
public pool in a park.

In a dreamlike sequence, she sees a body floating face down in the pool, but when
she turns it over, she discovers, to her relief, that it is just a CPR dummy.

But then Lydia she sees blood dripping from above her. Looking up,  she sees a real corpse,
a young man with his throat slashed and drenched in blood, propped up in the lifeguard's
chair, above the diving board.

Later, Stiles shows up and talks to the confused girl. He phones Scott, who asks him to take a
closer look at the body.  When he does, Stiles notices a purity ring on the dead man's finger.

This scene was actually filmed at the swimming pool at

Birmingham High School
at 17000 Haynes St, Van Nuys, CA

The pool is near the center of campus, northwest of the stadium.
 The body/dummy Lydia sees was floating in the southeast corner of the pool,

Like most "Teen Wolf" locations, Van Nuys is in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. In fact, the school
is only about two miles northeast of Heather's party house, and about a mile and a half
northwest of where they filmed the scene of the deer crashing through the windshield.

(This same high school pool was also used in the 1982 dramedy, "The Last American Virgin" -
which is somewhat ironic, considering that this episode's plot concerned virgin sacrifices...)

Don't confuse this with the high school they use as Beacon Hills High.

Here is an aerial photo.  And here is a map link.

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